Meet Patryk Tracz, a successful businessman who built his companies from the ground up

Patryk Tracz
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There is more to being an entrepreneur than successfully operating a business and making a profit. For Patryk Tracz, a successful businessman, the primary objective is to deliver answers to the world and get involved in worthy causes that make life better for everyone. Breaking out of that box allowed him to make the world a better place in every way possible for him as a person who had once lived in abysmal poverty. 

Patryk Tracz’s life began in a household with limited resources in a small Polish village, but this was only the beginning of his journey. He was destined for bigger things, and his goal-getter mentality kept him going as he overcame hurdles, produced excellent ideas, launched tremendous enterprises, and became a remarkable model that many aspiring entrepreneurs can aspire to be.

Patryk Tracz’s life underwent a complete shift after he and his twin brother Lukasz Tracz moved to the United States. Through the companionship of his sibling, he was able to make some connections with people thinking along similar lines and initiate a basic business venture. Patryk Tracz and his brother, his first business partner, began their entrepreneurial journey by selling golf balls to golfers. Eventually, they branched into the retail trade of selling candy, music CDs, and video games in middle school.

While they were still students, the two brothers along with their biz partners & best friends (Sebastian Solano, David Solano, Petar Dimitrov, Scot Garrambone & Paul Campbell) established a hospitality company (Life in Color), which they managed to sell for over $10MM in 2012. After selling the brand, most of the crew immediately began making plans for the subsequent phase in their journey. Soon after, a cannabis pre-roll brand known as Jeeter was introduced, and its founders spent the years 2018–2021 working to grow the business. Jeeter is now sold in three states, but the company has lofty ambitions to expand into new states and become the most popular cannabis brand in the World.

The challenging nature of Patryk Tracz’s path to success and the building of his business empire, which he traversed with the assistance of his identical twin and a few close friends, is the primary factor that causes this journey to stand out as particularly remarkable. When he was younger, he was a very different kind of person than he is now. Jeeter and everything it stands for is the direct outcomes of considerable development starting from the ground up. Patrick discovers a sense of humility through their story and enthusiasm for providing others with experiences they will never forget. The fundamental objective of the organization is to facilitate joyous occasions that individuals can share with the people who are important to them.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Our story is relatable, and it has helped us connect with all of our customers, we love to create experiences, Jeeter does that – you and your friend sharing a Jeeter before dinner, movies, walk in the park whatever it is, it takes you away from your daily things you have to deal with, and creates a moment, along with that its natural medicine and a curse a lot of people with anxiety, depression, pain or even falling asleep ” Patryk said. “Our culture, the people, the product, the marketing all clicked together to create this amazing company called Jeeter,” Patryk Tracz uttered.

Jeeter, as a firm, has been involved in a wide variety of charitable organizations, such as those serving the LGBT community, foundations dedicated to social reform, and many other foundations located worldwide. In addition to providing services that make it easier for individuals all over the world to enjoy themselves, the company also puts its money where its mouth is by making contributions that help make the world a better place. Patryk is enthusiastic about bringing an end to pollution worldwide, and he uses his advocacy and power to further this cause, which he feels strongly about.

Patryk Tracz, an entrepreneur who has collaborated with many others throughout his career, thinks that good people and persistence are the two most essential ingredients in the recipe for success. The road ahead may be rocky at first, but if you surround yourself with the proper people, keep at it, expect setbacks, and pick yourself up each time you fall, you’ll eventually reach your destination. Whatever obstacles may arise, he believes you must keep pushing for what you believe in.

Now that he’s established himself as a successful businessman, Patryk Tracz plans to expand his operations to new regions. One of his aspirations is to enter the film industry and contribute sharing stories of people who have been impactul to today’s society . He believes strongly in savoring every moment of life, and he shares his tale hoping to encourage others to do the same. Patryk reiterates that he is always eager to put Jeeter, his own company, to good use, whether that be to advocate for people, help others succeed, promote a cleaner environment, recycle, or donate to worthy organizations.


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