April 16, 2024
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Melanie Francesca: Weaving Art, Myth, and Modernity

Melanie Francesca: Weaving Art, Myth, and Modernity
Photo Credited to: Melanie Francesca

Melanie Francesca has established herself as a famous artist with a significant presence in both Europe and the Middle East. Her journey as an artist has been punctuated by numerous exhibitions, including a major showcase of her work in Dubai, graciously endorsed by the Minister of Culture, now of Tolerance, H.H. Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan. Her outstanding talent lies in her ability to effortlessly blend technical skills with great thematic depth. Her extensive body of work beautifully blends with audiences, as evident in the 400-kilogram installation, “The Box,” measuring three by three meters with a prominent height of 2.5 meters, which welcomes visitors into a close exploration of human history. Melanie Francesca’s unique approach to art has found resonance in the contemporary world, reflected by her ability to infuse classical mythology with modern sensibilities.

“The Box”: A Unique Production

The Box” is a supreme creation by Melanie Francesca that consists of the intersection of classical mythology and contemporary understanding. This impressive installation, constructed from fabric and metal, welcomes the on-lookers to experience the legendary archives of human history. Melanie Francesca’s intention behind crafting “The Box” was to restore philosophical dignity to the figurative art world, which she believed had been relegated to craftsmanship and needed reevaluation. The installation reflects her delirant, dreamlike, and poetic fantasy, aligning with the sentiments expressed by notable figures such as Maria Rita Parsi, who described Melanie as an author capable of igniting boundless imaginations. Melanie’s work, “The Box,” serves as proof of her commitment to evoking a sense of freedom, hope, and modernity in an era dominated by technology.

Praise from Notable Figures

Melanie Francesca’s creative skills have garnered recognition from influential personalities in the field of art and culture. Notably, Minister of Culture, H.H. Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, has expressed his belief in Melanie’s talent, emphasizing the fusion of technical mastery with a deep connection to nature and human grandeur. Art historian and Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi, has compared Melanie’s poetic language to sacred texts and symbolist poetry, citing her contribution to modern lyric poetry. Additionally, Stefano Zecchi, a philosopher and professor, has praised Melanie’s linguistic expertise and the captivating literary aspects of her work. These accolades reflect the impact Melanie Francesca has had in her field. Her ability to resonate with experts and scholars demonstrates her art’s significance in modern culture.

A Novel of Beauty and the Sacred

The Angel,” Melanie Francesca’s recently published novel, represents a continuation of her exploration into themes of beauty and the sacred. In this literary work, Melanie seeks to elevate readers beyond the chaos of daily life and guide them toward the ordered worlds of the soul and love. The novel aligns seamlessly with her broader artistic and philosophical journey, providing a deeper insight into her creative vision. Melanie Francesca’s ability to mix different artistic mediums and weave a narrative that connects with the human spirit highlights her versatile talent and enduring impact on the world of art and culture.

Melanie’s Creativity

Melanie Francesca’s creative legacy extends far beyond her individual works, leaving a deep mark on the world of modern art and culture. Her unique approach, which seamlessly combines art, literature, and philosophy, has challenged traditional boundaries and inspired a new generation of artists and thinkers. Through her thought-provoking installations, literary creations, and thoughtful thematic explorations, Melanie has greatly contributed to the ongoing dialogue about the role of art in society and the enduring relevance of classical themes in a modern context.

Her ability to make a connection between the classical and the modern has not only earned her recognition from famous personalities and figures in the art world but has also enriched the cultural fabric of both Europe and the Middle East. Melanie Francesca’s work is a living example of the enduring power of art that inspires, provokes, and takes her audience beyond the limitations of time and space. As her legacy continues to evolve, it remains a source of inspiration for those who seek to explore the true, the beautiful, and the sacred in the world of art.

Melanie Francesca: Weaving Art, Myth, and Modernity
Photo Credited to: Melanie Francesca

One On One with the Author

  1.     What motivated you to write this book? 

What served as the inspiration behind “The Angel”? “The Angel” was born out of my inner need to seek solace from certain personal struggles that I carried within me. The feelings of abandonment and the disorienting sensation of betrayal were at the core of it. It’s not necessarily my own narrative but rather something a writer invents to make the reality they experience more vivid. In the end, the book felt as if it had been dictated to me: there was always an unseen presence beside me, guiding my fingers on the keyboard. It was a presence that sent shivers down my spine and continues to communicate with me even now, especially when I light a candle and listen. The realm beyond life permeates us, and the spirits that surround us are in constant communication. We act as antennas, receiving and transmitting messages. It’s a matter of tuning into their wavelength, which vibrates at a slower, deeper frequency akin to the Earth’s song or that of nature. It’s a dimension where everything comes to a halt – our rush, stress, and haste. You feel as if silence is drawing you into a bubble of emptiness, and you exist in a state of suspension beyond the constraints of time. This non-time state is also referred to as the space of presence, where the eternal present moment prevails. When you enter this fifth dimension, you break free from the limitations of space and time, and you begin to connect with the true essence of reality. This space of presence unlocks the doors to what we call awareness – the realization that the reality around you is not precisely as it appears. Within this newfound space, you have the power to alter your reality because by transforming yourself, you also change the external world. However, you cannot transform the external world without first entering this realm of heightened awareness.

Melanie Francesca: Weaving Art, Myth, and Modernity
Photo Credited to: Melanie Francesca
  1.     Could you share some insights about the language used in your latest book? 

My most recent book, which was published in Italian by Mondadori, is a collection of poetry that revolves around the intrinsic sound and potency of words, almost in a manner reminiscent of biblical resonance. It’s as though these words carry sound vibrations that possess a healing quality by resonating within your body, much like Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, or modern bio-resonance, a recognized healing technique in Western medicine. In reality, the ancient civilizations had already explored this territory with their shamanic chants, and the poetry in my book can be likened to a shamanic chant; it elevates the reader and guides them toward beauty. Moreover, it unveils another spiritual dimension, one that was once accessible only to a select few priests, but thanks to the internet and the dissemination of knowledge, it has become accessible to everyone. This democratization of esoteric knowledge gives birth to new insights and contemporary sensibilities. This is why some have drawn comparisons between my book and James Joyce’s work: partly because, like “Ulysses,” it may not be entirely comprehensible, but also because it possesses an altered, psychedelic sensibility. In contrast, the language in “The Angel” is conventional and romantic. It’s the story itself that takes on a psychedelic quality: an angel encounters a girl who has lost her way into the depths of life and falls in love with her. The angel delivers speeches to her aimed at saving her by asserting that our purpose in this world is to heal the wound we are born with and that everything around us, from accidents to illnesses, is merely a means through which the universe or God offers us opportunities to awaken. This book helped me gain insights, even though I had hoped for a different ending. However, the angel had a different plan, one I couldn’t alter.

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