Michael Ciminella: A Businessman and Celebrity Spouse

Michael Ciminella is a successful businessman and celebrity spouse with a generous heart. He spends his time donating to charities, visiting and updating his fans on his social media pages. Also maintaining mental fitness by playing chess.

With Bobby Brown’s wife being the show star on this season of RHOBH. It seems appropriate to discover who Michael Ciminella is before he becomes another female antagonist in Hollywood. With that in mind, let’s get to know this attractive and ambitious man.

Ciminella is best known for his appearance on the hit reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He was once the boyfriend and then husband of the star of the show, Lisa Vanderpump. Also he has followed her successful career path since their tumultuous breakup in 2011. He was feature on RHOBH for the first time in Season 6 as a business acquaintance of Lisa Vanderpump.

After leaving Lisa, he stayed with another well-known Housewives star for some time. Kim Richards, who is no longer part of the show. Dated him from 2013 until his split from her in 2015. Since then, he has been a principal shareholder in Ciminella Luxury Limousines and is deeply passionate about charity work.

Michael Ciminella Biography-

Ciminella graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in finance and entrepreneurship. He then worked for venture capital firm Madrone Capital Management, which is still his client.

He has been involve with many social organizations, including the California Association of Broadcasters and the Beverly Hills NOW! Including Acres For Kids, The Jacob Burns Foundation, and Keep A Breast Foundation.

Ciminella is an avid chess player and has won many awards for his skill at the game. He is also a gym enthusiast and keeps in shape by working out regularly. Like his wife Lisa, Michael Ciminella uses social media to update his fans and promote charity events and causes.

Michael Ciminella’s bio-married life-

Ciminella’s marriage with Lisa Vanderpump was not like any ordinary celebrity marriage. The couple, who started dating in 1999, had a tumultuous marriage. That saw Lisa run off with her then-boyfriend Dean Graziosi. After the couple split up, they continued to do so on social media. But in 2016, they announced their reconciliation and were still together in 2017.

After Lisa Vanderpump commented on the RHOBH cast picture on Instagram. A few days before their wedding in October of 2016. It seemed possible that the ceremony could turn into an episode of the show. The couple had a very public ceremony, which included Lisa Vanderpump’s brother Todd asking Tom Sandoval to officiate the ceremony. At the Beverly Hills Hotel, the couple exchanged vows in front of a select group of friends and relatives.

The couple’s successful union has caused some controversy, as Michael Ciminella is a male celebrity who is also in a relationship with a well-off woman. But his love for Lisa Vanderpump is clear from his actions, as he regularly spends time with her and has no qualms about posting pictures of them together on social media. Their relationship seems to work for both of them in their different careers.

Michael Ciminella’s net worth-

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michael Ciminella is USD 4 million as of 2017. Most of this wealth comes from his career as a professional chess player. He is also marry to Lisa Vanderpump and has been in a successful career with his limousine company.

He is an attractive man who is extremely lucky in his marriage and career, earning him a considerable net worth. It’s safe to assume that the stars have aligned for him in all aspects of his life.

Michael Ciminella’s wedding-

Michael Ciminella was excited to marry Lisa Vanderpump, so he took to social media to express his excitement. “The most beautiful bride in the world,” he captioned a picture of Lisa holding a glass of champagne, decked out in her wedding dress.

He also documented his honeymoon with Lisa on social media. Which was spent at the luxurious Maldives resort Alila, Landaa Giraavaru. He posted a picture of their overwater bungalow on Instagram and wrote: “Destination wedding at its finest. Surreal, surreal, surreal.”

He added: “Happy wife, happy life. If only all things were this easy. #happilyeverafter #lifeisgood.” The couple looked happy during their honeymoon. Also the star chatted about her plans for the future and the possibility of a new cookbook for Access Live.

Michael Ciminella’s relationship with their wife-

Michael Ciminella is marry to Lisa Vanderpump, one of the stars of RHOBH. He was with Lisa from 1999 until 2015, following her career since their split and reunion in 2016.

Ciminella is still involved with his wife in a very public way, as he regularly updates his fans on social media about their lives together. “On our honeymoon! #jammu #Maldives,” he wrote on Instagram. And he posted a photo of himself standing side by side with Lisa Vanderpump at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“The next chapter starts now… #housewife #husband #wife,” he captioned a picture of the couple at a charity event. And he posted a picture of himself with Lisa and some of her friends at her home. He also posted a photo of them on a yacht with their children, which he captioned “The definition of a happy family. #officelife #family.”

Some interesting facts about Michael Ciminella-

Michael Ciminella is a child of divorce – His mother, Theresa Ciminella, divorced his dad, William Ciminella when Michael was just a baby.

He used to be a pro jockey – He rode horses at race tracks in the United States before he made his mark as a chess player.

Michael Ciminella’s parents had him at an early age – He was only three years old when he was born. He was raised by his mother, who is still alive today, and he has a brother (who has family in New Jersey).

Michael Ciminella is happy being single – He and Lisa Vanderpump are currently going strong after their 2016 reconciliation on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But if he wanted to marry again, that’s not off limits. “I believe as long as you’re happy, that’s what it’s about,” he said.


Michael Ciminella’s life seems charmed, as he lives his life in the public eye and appears to have a loving relationship with his wife. He has a well-respected career as an entrepreneur and has found success in the marriage department after his divorce from Lisa Vanderpump. His appearance on the RHOBH makes it clear that stars are just like us – they have to deal with breakup rumors and relationship problems like everyone else.


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