Milica Todovic Organizes a 21-Day Healthy Living Challenge with $3,000 Prize

Milica Todovic is reaffirming her commitment and passion for healthy living by putting together a 21-day fitness challenge. This challenge will have fitness enthusiasts and people who want to stay healthy vying for the top prize of $3,000. The challenge will be a monthly challenge that people can sign up for. They will receive meal plans, nutritional products, and supplements, video workouts created by Milica, and have access to motivational chat groups and one-on-one coaching.

Her experience with fitness is deeply rooted in her Kumite and Karate career. She won the world championship three times in 2008, 2010, and 2015. She also placed third twice in Kata’s and has won more than 300 medals, out of which 150 are gold medals. In Foca, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, where she was born, she has been awarded the best sportswoman and six-time most perspective sportswoman.

Milica Todovic’s journey into fitness began at the age of three when her father started training her for Kumite. She got into sports at an early age and once won the table tennis championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After spending all those years fighting and engaging in various sports, she launched her website to help people achieve the best health and fitness state. Her goal is to help people lose weight, feel better, gain muscles, and improve their lives in general.

Milica Todovic has attended many nutritional seminars and educational programs. She has transferred her knowledge into teaching other people effective ways to stay healthy. More than 1,000 people have benefitted from her training programs, and Milica has always maintained strongly that magic pills for losing weight do not exist.

With motivation, intense one-on-one coaching exercises, proper nutrition, and running various motivational groups, Milica has demystified everything around weight loss. She helps people truly change their lives, achieve their health goals, and keep them happy. Her brand targets men and women trying to stay fit, improve their nutrition, detox, and improve their overall health.

Milica Todovic got motivated to build her brand when she saw how hard people struggled to lose weight. She also saw how many products littered the internet claiming to be weight loss magic pills. With her brand, all she does is show them the proper ways to improve their weight and health. She also organized the 21-day fitness challenge geared toward getting the best out of the participants and leaving the winner with a $3,000 prize.

She has helped more than 1,000 people improve their health, and the numbers keep increasing. In her words, “I inform people that a pill sold on the internet, delivered to their doorstep cannot help them lose weight. Living healthy is the only way to lose weight, and I have a simple solution for that. Although not easy for anyone who is not ready to put in the work, but if you are ready, I can help you reach your fitness goal. You can get started by signing up for my 21-day program here.”

Learn more about Milica Todovic on her official website or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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