Nicolas Brochet Mounts the International Fashion Music Art Festival after Falling in Love with UAE

Well-known entrepreneur and organizer of high-end global events, Nicolas Brochet has had plenty of time to think about the next direction he wanted to take in life at the beginning of the pandemic. While in UAE and Dubai, he took every opportunity available to savor the rich culture of the Middle East as he continued to reflect on the next big endeavour of his life. After much thought, not only is he shifting his thrust towards digital media as founder and co-owner of WOW Magazine, he is also mounting the International Fashion Music Art Festival in the region. 

“During the whole period of lockdown, we all had an invaluable and unique opportunity to slow down and explore ourselves, understand ourselves better. And I took full advantage of it,” Nicolas Brochet explained. “I clearly understood what I wanted to do and what I didn’t want to lose my time on. Music, art, and fashion are the three greatest passions of my life. I felt the urge to share these passions with thousands of people in the most bright, fascinating, and outstanding manner and a festival is just a perfect way to do it,” he added. 

Apart from the international event, Nicolas Brochet also managed to launch a unique online and print publication that specializes in high-end brands, from jewelry to fashion, cars, travel destinations, and the best fine dining experience. He intends to establish a brand that will transform into the leading luxury lifestyle publication in U.A.E., Europe, South America, and Asia. Brochet’s main objective for the magazine is to provide encouraging and helpful content that will help readers forge forward during these challenging times. He also hopes to give them content that will inspire them and improve their overall well-being. Different pieces of advice from leading experts can be expected from the magazine, including concerns on health, the economy, and finance. 

Nicolas Brochet has always excelled in curating businesses and events. He has developed and managed some of the world’s most successful international restaurants, such as Matignon and L’Opéra in Paris, La Petite Plage, and Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez. It is this same curation expertise that he brings with him in Dubai, where he is currently residing. 

“It’s a true blessing and an absolute pleasure to run business in these locations as these are definitely my places of power, which give me an endless burst of energy and desire to create more and more beautiful events and projects,” Nicolas Brochet shared. 

His passion for life and beautiful experience is mostly inspired by the way he was brought up by his parents, who made sure that he enjoyed the best things that life has to offer while growing up. He was a well-loved boy and had a happy childhood.

When he was 20, however, he lost both his parents, and his best friend became his only family. It was during that time of loss and despair that he came up with a remarkable idea—to venture into hospitality and make it his lifelong business. Alongside his venture, he pursued new luxurious experiences in various parts of the world, from food to new places and grand gestures. He is mostly fueled by his deep gratitude to be able to live his life the way he does and impart the same happiness and satisfaction to the people that surround him. 

The International Fashion Music Art Festival, which will be held at Nurai Magic Island, reflects Nicolas Brochet to create beautiful experiences for other people. His appreciation of how fleeting life can get compels him to make every experience count, and the festival is nothing but a pure celebration of life and all the other things that make it vibrant. 


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