Nikki Fyah’s Impressive Rendition of the Enduring Ballad’ At Last’

Photo Credit: Kay Brown
Photo Credit: Kay Brown

The iconic song ‘At Last,’ originally recorded in the early 1940s, has seen countless renditions over the decades. Its timeless allure has drawn artists from various generations to offer their unique interpretations, the most famous being Etta James’ soul-stirring version in 1960, followed by contemporary acts like Celine Dion and Beyonce. Now, this enduring ballad has found a new voice in Nikki Fyah, the Kingston-born Jamaican singer.

In September 2023, Fyah released her own version of ‘At Last,’ produced by Da Global Base. This rendition stands as a testament to the enduring power and universality of the song. Faced with the looming shadows of legends like Etta James and Glenn Miller, among others who have prestigiously covered the song, Fyah had expressed no intimidation. For her, this wasn’t just a dare to touch a classic; it was a passion project.

According to the Jamaican singer, she’d been performing ‘At Last’ in its original format for quite a substantial period and was always met with inspiring feedback. The positive reception emboldened her, eventually leading her to record her own version. 

Before transitioning to the stage name Nikki Fyah, she had begun her music career as Nikki Browning. During that period, she released notable tracks like ‘You’ and ‘Someone After You.’ However, as fate would have it, Fyah had momentarily set music aside, prioritizing academics and parenthood. 

Recounting her journey, Fyah said, “I took a break from recording to raise my children and earn my degrees, then got captured by corporate America.” During these years, her life revolved around commitments that formed the mundane nature of adulthood. Yet, the call of music was a siren song she couldn’t ignore. 

With a renewed focus and evolved perspective, she made a comeback, further adopting a fresh brand– Nikki Fyah. Owning a business, she echoed, has given her the freedom and flexibility to pursue her passion and weave the musical journey she aspired to embark on.

The strength in Fyah’s conviction is reflected vividly through her version of ‘At Last.’ Her rendition remains a mature testament to her journey, teeming with grains of patience, resilience, and enduring love for music. It expresses her raw and profound understanding of the song field, further aligning her pursuit and passion for music.

Fyah’s choice to cover ‘At Last’ wasn’t just an artistic decision; it was a heartfelt connection, a long-time performance, a mirror to her own journey etched in the verses of this classic. As she continues to embrace her musical odyssey under the brand name Nikki Fyah, there’s no doubt that her voice paints an emotive picture that resonates with her audience. 

For those captivated by her rendition and desiring to stay tuned to her musical journey, Nikki Fyah can be followed on her social media handle @nikkifyah or through her website

As the echoes of ‘At Last’ unveil in the voice of Nikki Fyah, it’s evident that this enduring ballad has found yet another passionate artist giving it her unique touch. Her rendition reiterates the power this timeless ballad holds, transcending generations and continuing to touch hearts with each new interpretation. The captivating journey of ‘At Last’ hence continues with Nikki Fyah’s compelling rendition, proving again that music is indeed a universal passion, much like Fyah’s love for it.

While At Last still has the fire burning from the powerhouse singer Nikki Fyah, get ready for another single in 2024.


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