April 16, 2024
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Peter O. Estévez Building a Life of Influence after Overcoming Battle with Addiction

Addiction is one of the most self-destructive habits that cause millions of tragedies and deaths worldwide. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Peter O. Estévez is out to make a difference in those people’s lives by starting a movement that would decrease and hopefully even eliminate addictions in the United States and the world.

Peter O. Estévez is a businessman with years worth of experience and expertise in entrepreneurship and leadership. He has dived into the real estate market and flourished tremendously, then moved into the energy and gas industry once he exited the property market. Today, he runs several companies as the CEO or member of the board and has created a life filled with success at every level. 

But more than his career and financial success, Peter has also crafted a life with balance. He has also built a habit of improving other aspects of his life, such as physical health and emotional well-being. This lifestyle comes from a five-pillar principle that he developed over the years that creates success in five different aspects—the emotional, mental, physical, financial, and spiritual parts of life.

Peter O. Estévez’s framework comes from years of battling with his addictions and destructive habits. After moving to the United States with his family from Mexico City, Mexico, the Hispanic business maven would work hard to create a better future for himself and his family. Coming from extreme poverty, Peter learned how to work relentlessly towards a goal and build a solid career in entrepreneurship. 

The serial entrepreneur became a top-earner at an early age, but the money would throw him off balance, as he would develop an alcohol problem.

“Money gives you access, but class and education you have to get on your own,” explained Peter. “Money can not give you that.”

After some profound realizations and experiencing some existential crises along the way, Peter decided it was time for a change. He started on a journey of self-discovery and developed his emotional intelligence. Through the process, he learned how to build healthy habits to make his success more sustainable such as healthy living, reading, and spiritual practices. 

Today, Peter has completely bounced back from a life coated with luxury but embedded with strife. Now, he’s on a mission to provide the same level of liberty to at least 100 million by December 31, 2028. The main ways he does that is through his thought leadership and lessons shared through digital channels. 

Peter O. Estévez created a highly successful podcast, Peter O. Estévez Show, which dives deep into topics like addiction recovery, self-development, productivity, and learning. The show has already featured some of the most esteemed guests in thought leadership, such as Dean Graziosi, David Meltzer, Marc Randolph, Evan Carmichael, Steven Kotler, Brendan Kane, Dave Hollis, Brad Lea, Dr. John Demartini, and Robin Sharma, among many others. Estévez is also in the process of launching a new book entitled From Lies to Riches: 13 Steps to a Healthy Life, a book that teaches on his framework for overcoming addiction and experiencing freedom in life.

In all he does now, Peter remains on his mission, seeking not to grow his net worth simply but the positive change he brings to others as well. Learn more about Estévez’s lessons and teachings by listening to his podcast on Apple and its website.

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