April 16, 2024
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RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC.: Enhancing Child Development Through Education and Life Coaching

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Born in the “Chilltown” Jersey City, NJ, and raised in Estill, South Carolina, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts is a thriving entrepreneur, registered mental health counselor intern for the state of Florida, kids’ life coach, and the owner/founder of RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC. and RBS Consulting & Training Services. 

As a child, LaDeidra grew up watching her mother dedicate her life to the service of others and helping others in her community. This childhood experience shaped her outlook on life, and she knew early on that she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps. As she grew older, so did her passion for helping others, so much so that she pursued a tertiary education at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. 

After graduating from South Carolina State University, she continued to Liberty University, where she obtained her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Cognate degree. 

An intellectual with a thirst for knowledge and a deep sense of responsibility to others, LaDeidra went on to earn a second Master of Science degree in Human Services/ Social & Community Services from Capella University. Currently, she is working towards her Master of Social Work at Capella University. 

In February 2016, her mother, Richardean B. Stokes, passed away, and at that moment, LaDeidra knew how she wanted to honor her mother’s legacy of selflessness. “I wanted to turn my passion, talents, and interest into a business venture to serve others. So I decided to build my brand when my mother passed away. She enjoyed helping others in her community, so I wanted to continue her legacy of helping others,” she says.

While helping others is a selfless and noble act, LaDeidra understood that it requires a well-laid plan for longevity. So, to bring her brainchild to life, she enlisted the help of her immediate family members to brainstorm ideas on how to best help children and families and continue her mother’s legacy.

After much deliberation, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts established her company, RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC., and RBS Consulting & Training Services, named after her mother, Richardean B. Stokes. As a company focused on delivering innovative education and life coaching services to children and families, RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC. and RBS Consulting & Training Services offer various programs that combine mental health services, educational services, and life coaching services to children and families. 

Some of the programs provided to give back to the community include back-to-school care events, mental health/wellness forums, reaching beyond self-workshops, educational workshops, radio interviews about mental health advocacy, podcast interviews about mental health advocacy, and other activities. 

One of the unique attributes of the program is being able to utilize the child’s interests and strengths to enhance the session. As a result, many hands-on activities and fun activities are completed during the sessions that connect education and life coaching. Additionally, RBS Consulting & Training Services provides education, life coaching, and trauma-informed care training to educators and human service providers.  

As part of LaDeidra Stokes-Robert’s long-term mission to provide education and life coaching programs to children and families across the nation through her company, RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC. also offers services via face-to-face, phone, virtual websites, as well as group sessions. 

In an interview, the selfless entrepreneur and counselor shared her goals for the coming years. She said, “I would like to see my company expanding in different states where I can provide more strength-based interventions to children, adults, couples, and families. I also want to provide professional development and training in public and private schools.” 

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