Relaxing Haven DESUAR Spa Set to Open in Downtown Los Angeles

There are many ways a person can unwind, but most people can agree that nothing comes close to the spa experience. With several crises occurring, people have found an escape in spas, where they can renew their energy while refreshing their bodies. Although several spas are available, DESUAR Spa is among the most sought-after venues in Los Angeles and provides a unique experience that has people anticipating their next visit.

DESUAR is a private day spa that incorporates a philosophy fundamental to the human experience and the quest for a balanced lifestyle. The spa offers to heal and relax through high-end treatments, helping clients balance their minds and body to create a new state of mental and physical health, beauty, and self-esteem.

Renowned as a wellness oasis in downtown Los Angeles, DESUAR Spa provides high-end, therapeutic experiences without having clients breaking the bank. The spa has become a destination for massages, facials, body scrubs, and wraps. DESUAR also offers slimming services, waxing, CBD treatments, spray tans, and exotic soaks, which are carefully curated to stimulate the senses and provide holistic healing. DESUAR strives to become a place of renewal for the mind, body, and spirit by providing the best, high-end therapeutic skin and body treatments while promoting natural healing.

The spa uses all-natural and organic essential massage oils. Clients can select the combination that best suits their needs. DESUAR also offers top-of-the-line skin products in its designer space, all of which are fine and advanced products selected to suit the needs of its clients. Regardless of the treatments selected, DESUAR Spa’s menu of services has been thoughtfully curated to ensure they are treated to sensory delights and therapeutic, natural healings.

DESUAR Spa will have its Hollywood opening when it reopens its second location in the heart of Hollywood on June 14 at 6613 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. The new Hollywood location will have two levels with over 3,350 square feet of usable space. In addition, DESUAR’s new site will include two couples rooms, five additional treatment rooms, changing rooms, copper tubs, showers, lockers, two relaxation rooms, and a retail area.

The spa, Casa Munras, and Greenwood Hospitality, which is based in Greenwood Village, recently joined a partnership wherein DESUAR is entrusted to run the spa sector for Casa Munras Hotel & Spa in Monterey Bay and all their other hotel boutiques in the peninsula area. Its sister hotels include Spindrift Inn, Monterey Bay Inn, and Victoria Inn. The location at the Casa Munras is 2,700 square feet and features five treatment rooms with lockers, showers, changing rooms, a relaxation area, and an outdoor hot tub.

DESUAR Spa was founded by Deisy Suarez in 2010, who also contributed to the cosmetic industry with DESUAR Cosmetics. Deisy Suarez is an expert in spa management and self-care, spending fifteen years in the industry and dividing her time between Los Angeles and New York. DESUAR Spa represents her passion for philanthropy and entrepreneurship as she is dedicated to enriching the lives of others and providing impeccable services.


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