April 15, 2024
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Sean Demarco Reveals Investment Practices That Propelled Him to Be One of the Youngest Most Successful Entrepreneurs in California

To most people, reaching specific goals is the end of a journey. However, others believe they can do better than the milestones they’ve achieved, eager to make new breakthroughs. Sean DeMarco embodies this hungry mentality, known for his ventures in real estate and entrepreneurship.  

Born and raised in California, Sean DeMarco’s drive to succeed resulted from his family’s influence. Raised in a home of hardworking and determined small business owners, the young Sean would develop his appetite to strive for similar, if not more tremendous success. His hard work would eventually pay off with the birth of his first real estate company at 25 years old. From there, Sean’s career only grew as he networked with top mentors in his industry.

Today, Sean DeMarco is the owner and chief executive officer of DeMarco Enterprises International Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California. As a self-made millionaire of multiple companies under his name that helped him earn seven figures before even turning 30 years old Sean states, “I am so beyond grateful for what I do and it’s not about my network it’s about providing value.” Sean believes that anyone run a company with 7 figures or more by shifting their mindset. “It’s really simple—investments that pay you,” he shared, “If you enjoy spending money, you need to ask, ‘Why?’ You really can live a frugal lifestyle, especially if you want to retire young.” 

Sean educates others about shifting their focus from shopping to investing to get a positive return that allows them to spend or reinvest. In addition, he encourages others to live below their means, telling them they don’t have to acquire the latest gadgets, vehicles, or the biggest house. Despite his millionaire status, Sean DeMarco is no hypocrite, surprising people when he rolls around in an older Tesla model. “I am saving on gas!”

Throughout his career, Sean has observed that he and other successful individuals share a greater enthusiasm for investing than spending. “We got to the root of the problem and have no problem talking about money,” Sean revealed, “We realized, especially those that created their own wealth and did not inherit it or come from a wealthy family, that often, the public school system and the people who we were raised around were wrong when it comes to money.” He has shed light on the dangers of saving money as it only gives them less than 1% return.

Sean urges people to invest in their physical, emotional, and mental health outside of financial investment. “Take care of yourself before anything,” he advised, “After all, you have to live with yourself till you die. If you are a provider, you need to be 100% to provide for your family.” 

Despite the incredible career he’s built, Sean DeMarco has never lost sight of his roots, often giving back to the community. “Never forget where you came from,” reminded Sean, “You see someone’s gratitude which makes you continually want to give and help out those in need. Don’t ever forget what it was like to be broke.” Always looking for his next venture, Sean plans to start a nonprofit in the future.Learn more about Sean DeMarco by visiting his official website.

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