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The story: – Doug Ellenburg: the author and lead brewer at everybody’s brewing, d.e. is a veteran of the brewing industry. With over two decades’ worth of experience. He has been a brewer and a hop farmer. He’s even travel the world tasting beers for various multinational breweries.

  • This book is about everybody’s brewing: every recipe you find in this book is brewed at everybody’s brewing. It will include everything from our “new England pale ale” to our gose made with cucumber and watermelon called “cucumber shandy.
  • This is a book about beer and food: it is not just a list of recipes you can use for cooking. But also a list of different ingredients, processes. And ways to use those ingredients in recipes or enhance certain flavors in your dishes.
  • This is a book about craft beer: it will have over 100 recipes. That are make with more than 50 different kinds of beer. And there will be even more suggestions of other beers. You can use if you don’t have the one called for in the recipe. Ellenburg believes craft beer tastes best to craft beer drinkers. And he does not want anybody to feel left out or inferior.
  • This book is a great opportunity for quilters who love beer: articles on the “crafting” of traditional and non-traditional styles are interspers throughout the book. So quilters can easily add those techniques to their repertoire of making beer shirts or other craft beer-related items.
  • The introduction of this book has all the information you need to know. And it also offers very helpful tips and suggestions on how to use the recipes.
  • As I mention before, this book is a fantastic addition to your collection of cookbooks. Especially give the wonderful charts and graphics that go with each recipe.

This book is a great resource for teachers: the recipes are divide into sections. That can be easily use in different class settings. Such as “beer history” and “beer styles. This is a very convenient resource for anybody who loves to teach about beer.

  • This book is a great way to start brewing your beer: if you are looking for ways to create your brewery. Or make your special craft beers, this is also the perfect resource to help you do that.
  • The recipes: – there will be over 100 recipes in this book. They will be made with different kinds of beer, but they will not just be random recipes.
  • They include everything from appetizers, soups, and salads to main meals and desserts. Different charts and recipes also illustrate them. There will be an index at the back of the book with alphabets. So you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Recipes include “craft beer mac & cheese,” “beer battered fish & chips with malt vinegar,” “beer-braised short ribs,” and even “cherry kriek cupcakes” to “better than best bitter beer nuts.” The recipes will also include the “the best of everything” section, which provides great recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts.
  • There are many ways to use the recipes in your cooking or baking. You can use them as is or add them as ingredients to your creations. It makes a great gift since whoever receives it will know exactly how to make the dishes and be make with special beer ingredients.

There will also be special seasonal recipes and holiday recipes.

  • The book is set to launch on October 15, 2013, and will cost $24.99: it is a perfect Christmas present for anybody who loves beer and food. It makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and housewarming parties. You can get a signed copy from the brewery on amazon or Barnes & noble.
  • Everybody’s brewing is based in Portland, Oregon: it is a small brewery that makes fresh beer, and they also have a great tasting room where its customers can enjoy freshly made craft beers.
  • Everybody’s brewing is the only brewery in Portland that focuses on brewing traditional recipes: you will never find them trying to be trendy or unique with the ingredients they use. Instead, they center on using whole ingredients to make sure that each batch of beer made at everybody’s brewing is something special for everybody.
  • They have a farm called the hop farm that comprises over 10 acres, and they also have an orchard of over 30 lemon trees so they can make fresh lemon beer. There are also berry bushes at the brewery where they can create a new strawberry beer, one of their most popular beers.

Everybody’s brewing is a family business that started in 1995 when Doug Ellenburg, his wife, and his sons began making homebrew at a home brew shop in Portland 1995.


  • They started with just two beers, and today, they have 30 different kinds of beer. Everybody’s brewing is not just a brewery but also a taproom where you can try their beers and a meadery that makes different types of mead such as strawberry mead, blood orange mead, and raspberry mead.

Conclusion: This is a story about a man who loves beer. He has made it his career and his life. And now, he is planning to launch a book. That will tell the world some of the things. he has learned about beer in all the years he has been making it. This book will feature over 100 recipes, and they will be made with different kinds of beer. It also doubles as an educational guide on how to cook or bake with beer. There will also be a section that will include beer history and beer styles. There will also be special seasonal and holiday recipes from Ellenburg’s family farm.
This book is one of the most highly anticipated books of the year. So it does not come as a surprise that everyone was eager to get their hands on it. The people who were lucky enough to get a copy signed by Doug Ellenburg. At his brewery were very happy with their documents. They are already sharing pictures of their books on Facebook and Twitter.


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