The Future of Hospitality Is Here: Blogic Systems

The Future of Hospitality Is Here: Blogic Systems
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Hospitality is one of the most fast-paced, high-stress industries out there. Technology has been slowly making the lives of everyone from concierge and waiters to restaurant owners easier, but commonly used systems still have a long way to go. Blogic is revolutionizing hospitality technology by blending tech with a human touch. 

After working in the hospitality industry for over ten years, Samer Mustaklim, VP of Marketing at Blogic, explains that Erick Tu developed the idea for the point of sale (POS) system and that he and Tu have owned cafes, restaurants, bakeries, nightclubs, and bars and has seen the everyday pain points of staff firsthand. 

Mustaklim knows that a good POS system is one of the critical aspects of scaling any hospitality business and envisioned one that could be customized to fit any brand in the hospitality space. 

Tu recruited a team of seasoned hospitality experts and entrepreneurs who have experience in the industry at every level—from servers to business owners—to recognize the inadequacies of existing POS systems. Blogic addresses these critical pain points and seeks to address the dynamic and evolving needs of hospitality and retail spaces.

Every location and business comes with unique needs, and Blogic ensures that your POS system will conform to your business, not vice versa. A team of local experts is assigned to every Blogic client to provide personalized support and ensure that each business operates efficiently and successfully. Blogic Systems is more than just a technology provider. The platform is dedicated to providing custom-tailored solutions with a human touch and being a true partner to their client’s success. Blogic is user-friendly and flexible while still offering cutting-edge tech solutions.

Blogic Systems provides speed, reliability, and comprehensive customer service to secure your success. In addition, ​​what differentiates Blogic from other POS companies is that they will customize features specifically for each business’s needs and offer local concierge support. 

Using Blogic allows each staff member to gain over four hours weekly for more meaningful tasks. Blogic’s innovative technology ensures the system is always up and running. Even in the absence of cloud connectivity, all systems remain operational. Internal communication between workstations and handhelds can be maintained regardless of connectivity issues, ensuring kitchen displays are never lost and preventing prep ticket loss. Blogic eliminates the need for concern about losing contact and essential information during the busiest hours when connectivity might be interrupted or lost.

Blogic Systems may use cutting-edge technology, but it is still an affordable solution that puts people first. There are no binding contracts when you use Blogic, and the technology even offers the potential to reduce credit card fees by providing access to funds with same-day deposits. Blogic Systems is determined to offer the best possible customer service and support as a customer-forward business. Their one-of-a-kind concierge support makes Blogic a uniquely people-first tech company, making its way in the ranks among competitors like Toast, Clover, Square, SpotOn, and Lightspeed.

If you want to streamline your workflow, reduce stress at your business, and find a trusted partner, Blogic Systems is for you. Blogic Systems helps restaurants, clubs, bars, retail establishments, medical offices, and other businesses with their innovative services. Blogic will aid everyone in your business, from servers to hosts. Your staff will thank you for choosing Blogic.


Published By: Aize Perez


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