The Global Connector: Adam Redolfi’s Journey to Bridging the Gap Between Miami and International Investors

Adam Redolfi
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As one of Miami’s most knowledgeable brokers, Adam Redolfi has been promoting for over a decade the city internationally through his conferences and networks with international clients and wealth managers in cities like Paris, Dubai, London, and Geneva. His efforts have not only accelerated real estate transactions in Miami but also helped to showcase the city as a premier destination for the super-rich. We sat down with Adam to discuss Miami’s growing economy, real estate market, and what to expect in the future.

Q: Adam, can you tell us how Miami became the new hub for the super-rich?

Adam Redolfi: Miami has always been a destination for the wealthy, but over the past decade, the city has evolved into a business hub with a vibrant cultural scene, top-rated restaurants, and world-class events. The city’s business-friendly tax structure, excellent schools, and direct flights to all over Latin America and Europe have made it an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals seeking to establish residency or invest in the United States. Miami is no longer considered a “pied-a-terre” destination; it is now a must in any UHNWI’s real estate portfolio.

In a recent report, Miami was ranked as the fifth top city worldwide for the number of real estate deals worth $10 million or higher in 2022, following London, New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. Last year, Miami recorded a total of 146 sales of luxury homes worth $10 million or more, as well as 23 transactions of $25 million or more. These included the $106.9 million purchase by billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin. It is anticipated that Miami’s luxury real estate market will continue to thrive and produce even higher figures in the future as hundreds of new residents arrive each day.

Q: Who are the current buyers in Miami, and how has that changed?

Adam Redolfi : In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in domestic buyers from New York and California. Most transactions before that time used to be mostly by investors looking to diversify their real estate holdings. Now, more than ever, end-users are buying, which actually makes the prime market much healthier as it no longer relies on international investors. Many of us were not certain it was just a “Pandemic Love Story,” but this past year reinforced the durability of it and proved it is not.

Q: Does this mean that we are seeing a decline of International Buyers in Miami?

Adam Redolfi : Not at all! While there has been a shift in demographics, many of the top sales in Miami remain international. In fact, the Miami market has always been attractive to international buyers as it is one of the rare cities where there is the possibility to have an attractive yield and still space to grow on capital gain while buying in the prime segment. This is something you cannot find in New York, London, or Paris, which seem to have reached their cap. Even with a strong dollar, we are still seeing a lot of growth in international buyers and investors.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit more about these conferences you do abroad?

Adam Redolfi: I have been hosting these conferences for over a decade before it became a trend. The goal of these international conferences is not just about selling, but providing an educational experience for investors. I travel globally to educate investors and buyers. Not only the ones who already have some knowledge on the city, but also the ones looking to diversify who may not have considered Miami initially, offering a one-stop-shop for real estate, and selecting opportunities that align with the culture and nationality preferences of each country. 

My approach during these seminars  is rooted in a comprehensive and personalized strategy that recognizes each investor’s unique needs and preferences. I provide a macroeconomic analysis of the Miami market, insights into the latest trends and developments, and discuss the fiscality alternatives with local and US attorneys and bankers traveling with me working as a team. The goal is to structure solutions that make investing in Miami easier for international buyers to buy remotely while being well-advised.

Q: How does that method stand out? 

I tend to use a “Private Office” strategy by combining global reach, local knowledge, and a personalized and centralized approach to the entire transaction. We offer investors a custom experience in Miami with a true analytical view and not just a transactional process. It’s important to recognize that each investor is unique, and my approach is tailored to address their specific needs and objectives, by doing that we have always kept an impeccable track record for our global investors at every different cycle. 

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