The Inspiring Story Behind Successful Pole Dancer and Entrepreneur Anamaria Bozga

At first glance, most people would not think that successful entrepreneur and pole dancer Anamaria Bozga started from the bottom and worked different jobs before she finally realized her greatest dream – to establish her own dance studio. Just like many emerging entrepreneurs today, she had humble beginnings, from working two jobs to stay in school and pay for rent at 18 years old to turning down her friends’ invitation to go out because she had to work. The one thing she learned as she was hustling through life was that no one was going to build her dreams for her, so she worked tirelessly until she saw her windows of opportunity open. 

Coming from a humble family in Romania, Anamaria Bozga moved to Italy after she finished her degree in Tourism. She has always been fascinated by traveling, but she had to put it off for when she had saved enough money from her income. When she arrived in Italy, she worked as a bartender and restaurant service. She loved the country so much that she stayed there for five years, gaining experience and exploring possibilities. Some years later, she moved to Germany, where she started off as a bartender as well for about a year. She found a better job working with a ski traveling agency that sold ski and snowboard trips to Japan, Iceland, Canada, and the U.S.A.

After a couple of months, and after managing to save enough to venture into her own dance studio, Anamaria Bozga took a big risk and opened her dance school. Some months later, she was able to give up her day job to focus on teaching dance full-time. While running her business also meant facing several challenges, including the pandemic, she stayed focused, motivated, and creative enough to find new ways of doing things if one approach did not work. 

If anything, her story is quite an inspiration to a lot of women who are currently going through the same struggles as she did in the past. Her life is a testament that hard work really pays off. “Don’t be afraid of the obstacles. A clean path will not build your character,” Anamaria Bozga shared. “Obstacles are the ones preparing you for life, for the unexpected, and at the end, they are the ones to bring you closer to your goals because thanks to them, you will find ways and resources you never thought you had. Go out of your comfort zone. Be bold and don’t be scared to take risks,” she added. 

Opening her own dance studio opened new possibilities for her, including winning second place in Best Technique in the Italian Pole Dance Contest in 2019. The year after that, she became a semi-finalist in Romanian Got Talent. Over time, she became a social media sensation as well, attracting more than 250,000 followers on her Instagram account alone. She also recently launched another business, the Pole Planner, which she rebranded as the Pole Dance Training Tracker. It is a stunning notebook and calendar that is designed to guide pole dancers in their unique journey and everyday routine. It contains motivational quotes, illustrations, interactive pages, and helpful information. There is also plenty of writing space where users can document their progress and experiences. 

Anamaria Bozga has a phenomenal and inspiring story that many women can learn from. Find out more about Anamaria Bozga by visiting this website. Check out her Instagram for some stunning photos of her pole dancing artistry and updates on her latest projects. 


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