April 21, 2024
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The Uncommon Realization that Set De’Andre Salter on a Journey Towards Wealth-Building

Well-known motivational speaker, entrepreneur, financial expert, and book author De’ Andre Salter is no stranger to failure and financial woes. While he quickly achieved success in the insurance industry when he started out, he was to later realize the distinct and clear difference between making money and making wealth. Eventually forced to file for bankruptcy as a result of numerous bad decisions, Salter learned the biggest lesson of his life – creating sustainable wealth requires a change of mindset. 

“I grew up in an area where most people I knew were the prototypes for financial instability. It was a terrible setback and grace that caused me to commit to breaking the cycle,” De’ Andre Salter explains. 

The experience of filing bankruptcy forced De’ Andre Salter to rethink his character, draw closer to God, and change on the inside to avoid making the same mistakes in the past. Armed with determination to succeed and the countless lessons acquired from his previous failure, Salter pushed himself to get back up and work hard and smarter. He went on to establish a phenomenal 19-year career as Senior Vice President with three various Fortune 100 insurance companies. At 30 years old, he used his second attempt at success as inspiration to develop a multi-million dollar company, motivating Black people everywhere to dream of also one day achieving his exceptional feats. 

Aside from being the owner of the largest Black-owned wholesale insurance brokerage in the United States, De’ Andre Salter is also an active and influential senior pastor at Impact Church in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Combining his business acumen with his passion for helping Black Americans achieve financial freedom, Salter wrote The Culture of Money, a phenomenal book that educates readers on maintaining the right mindset in order to build sustainable wealth. 

The Culture of Money goes beyond the simplistic advice to build an emergency savings fund as your first step towards financial freedom. This book will change the way you think about your finances. It will help you wake up Andean how money has affected your past, is a driving force in your quality of life today, and will be the largest determinant of your future lifestyle,” De’ Andre Salter reveals. 

By providing resources, measurements, and the tools that people need to start their journey towards financial freedom, Salter is making a tremendous difference in the lives of numerous Black people who have been struggling financially for quite some time. Working together with leaders of Black churches, Salter intends to raise a generation of financially educated colored individuals who are confidently building their wealth. 

De’ Andre Salter finished a Bachelor’s degree from Drew University, a Master of Theology degree from The King’s Seminary, and is currently in the process of finishing his Doctorate of Ministry. Moreover, he currently acts as Bishop of Administration of the Macedonia International Bible Fellowship, an association of ministers in the United States and Africa. 

Looking ahead, De’ Andre Salter sees his ideology helping over one million people reach financial freedom through The Culture of Money. He envisions a life-changing shift happening within the home of every Black American he encounters, paving the way for a better future and stable finances. As he offers hope through his enlightening insights contained in the book, he looks forward to seeing more people achieve financial freedom. 

Find out more about The Culture of Money by visiting this website. Follow its Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates. 

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