Today’s Most-Watched Cricketer Suneel Kumar Makes Massive Comeback After Multiple Injuries

Athletes are not born. They are a product of years of sacrifice, training, and hard work. The mark of a true athlete is never seen in the exterior gear but is rather examined through one’s courage to continue moving forward despite the setbacks, being brave enough to pick up the pieces after losing a game and shaking hands with the opponent. Every athlete has their own unique story of resilience, and Suneel Kumar’s journey is definitely one worth sharing. After falling multiple times, Suneel went back up stronger until he became one of the best cricketers in the world. Following his hiatus, the athlete is making waves and has already made a massive comeback in the field this year, earning a spot in the India-based Global Power Cricket League.

Born in America, Suneel has followed his passion for cricket to play all over the world. He was in the USA men’s 30-man national training camp between the seasons of 2017 and 2018, pouring his heart out into every game. But the unfortunate fact every athlete must face is the inevitability of injuries. Suneel was crippled by multiple injuries during his first years in the cricket world, forcing him to take a step back and focus on recovery.

But in 2021, he made a successful return to professional cricket in the minor league for the Florida Beamers. Getting back in the game, Suneel felt inspired to finally conquer the field as he did in his previous seasons. But his return was cut short after being involved in a car accident that left him with a broken hand, preventing him from playing cricket again.

After going through major setbacks, one might assume Suneel would just yield and turn away from his dreams. But he wanted to return stronger than ever. In 2022, he made his comeback to professional cricket with a bang, starting with the US Premier League, where his strong performance earned him the opportunity to join the India-based Global Power Cricket League.

Over the past weekend, Suneel made an explosive 103 not out in just 46 balls playing for the Atlanta Thunder against the Atlanta Heat in the AGCC League, including 11 fours and six huge sixes. Starting with making history in Atlanta, Suneel is ready to take on the world. He may have dealt with broken bones, but the athlete assures his growing community that his spirit remains unmatched to cement his name in the world of professional cricket.

On top of conquering the playing field, Suneel is also making waves on social media. As a trendsetter, he thought outside the box and became one of the first professional cricket players to share their journey and lifestyle in the digital space. With his YouTube channel, Suneel inspires others and gives them a first-hand view of his life as an American cricketer, traveling the world while following his passion. 

“I believe in this digital age where competition is so much more than in previous generations, we as athletes have to do whatever we can to get ourselves in front of as many eyes as possible,” said Suneel. “Performances don’t matter if nobody is taking note of them.”

Asked what message he wants to give people who dream of changing the world as much as he does, Suneel said, “I want the dreamers of the world to know that they can make their dreams come true through hard work and perseverance. You just have to stand the test of time.”


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