Twinkle Zaman Writes Love Notes to a Mystery Man

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Love is in the air once again as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. And as our definitions of romance and relationships can change from one person to another, there’s no denying the universality of the message of love. That’s something that authors like Twinkle Zaman understand and integrate into her work and life. 

Twinkle Zaman is a brilliant writer who firmly believes in one’s sense of purpose and meaning by expressing her passion and creativity. She’s a massive advocate of love and its ability to ignite the heart to pursue greatness. Most recently, the writer launched a new edition of her Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs, a heartfelt book that shows what happens inside the heart of every individual. “I truly believe it’s never too early to start discovering yourself and never too late to rediscover yourself,” the soulful artist said. 

Love Notes is made up of lines filled with the vulnerability of human emotions that every woman can relate to. But deeper in every line and rhythm within the book lies a message that the author affectionately sends to a “mystery man.” Twinkle shares with a sparkle in her eyes how most of the passion of the book is because of the enigma of a lover she throws her emotions and words at. “Sometimes we live in this fear and hold back,” she explains. “It’s like I can sit and talk to anyone and spill my heart out to them about the love and admiration I have for this person, yet the anxiety of actually telling the person those thoughts and emotions is terrifying.” But in Love Notes, Twinkle has all the power in her to bare her soul. In the process, her book has inspired many others.

Twinkle isn’t afraid to admit that “the power of love” has overwhelmed her. She believes it can empower anyone to accomplish anything. It makes one fearless and unstoppable in pursuing one’s impossible dreams. It sets the soul free to care and aspire, never shrinking back and holding back. 

As the world celebrates love once again this month of February—and more specifically on the 14th—Twinkle Zaman pushes people to start celebrating love even more across the year. “Life is all about love,” she explains. “We seek human affection and connection. We get that in different ways. I’ve done many foolish things, and I’m sure I’ll continue to do them. But, I’m the kind of person who loves hard, who fights hard.” Accordingly, Zaman hopes that her book, Love Notes, would set the readers free, much as it has for her. 

Love Notes looks into Twinkle’s evolutions into the woman she has now become. It looks into the two types of love that most people feel—one that inspires and intrigues and the one that makes the heart “beat a million times a second.” Twinkle shares that while both emotions feel like they’re worlds apart, both lead her to the same person.

Twinkle only hopes that more people will find the love they desire most and, in doing so, experience more of the beautiful life they’re meant to live.

To know more about Twinkle Zaman or pick up a copy of Love Notes for you or your special one this Valentine’s Day, you can visit the writer’s website and Instagram.



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