April 16, 2024
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Up-and-Coming Musical Talent Jasmine Ortiz Is a Thriving Personality Inside and Outside the Music Industry

The music industry is filled with many different personalities. Various artists have been cropping up throughout the years, each with their own style and unique persona. Jasmine Ortiz is one such artist, harnessing her musical talents while being engaged in leadership roles within her campus. 

Jasmine is a junior at the University of Miami, majoring in Musicianship, Artistry Development, and Entrepreneurship with minors in Political Science, Songwriting, and Music Business. Above all else, her versatility has taken center stage, becoming a leader in the Butler Center for Service and Leadership. During her time in the center, she served as an ambassador for young Americans in social advocacy and public policy and as a senator in the student government.

Jasmine Ortiz is a principled young woman, serving multiple communities that share her passionate causes. As a musician herself, she has opted to work with the Guitars Over Guns initiative, an after-school mentorship program fostering community-building through music. 

The multi-disciplinarian within Jasmine has given her a massive edge within the music industry. As a songwriter, recording artist, producer, and instrumentalist, she has acquired many insights, fueling her artistry’s growth and potential. As a young and talented musician, Jasmine Ortiz networks with fellow young creatives and continues to hone her craft while creating new music.

She currently resides between Los Angeles and Miami, always on the go, meeting and collaborating with fellow artists. When it comes to her musical prowess, Jasmine Ortiz truly shines with the vulnerability that manifests through her beautifully expressive songs. “I think a lot of artists would relate in the notion that each work you create feels like a child, and it’s really hard to expose them to the world sometimes,” explains Jasmine. “When you’re really laying your heart and soul out on the table, it can be hard to acknowledge that everyone will be there waiting to judge it,” she adds.

On the notion of being vulnerable, Jasmine Ortiz takes much of it in stride as she fully admits that it comes with the territory of being an artist. “I think that the risk is really worth the reward of people telling me how much my song has meant to them or how much they related to it. I love making music that transcends the bounds of binary genres and really incorporates new fresh sounds that I would want to hear on Billboard top 40,” exclaims Jasmine.

The rising star is hopeful for pop music’s future as she looks up to various pop stars that are redefining the genre as we know it. “I think the future of pop music is rapidly shifting, thanks to super unique artists like Billie Eilish, Ashnikko, and Melanie Martinez redefining what it means to be a pop star,” says the talented musician. 

With Jasmine Ortiz’ relentless passion for music and her genuine personality, it’s clear to see that she’s going to be in the music industry for the long haul. It’s only a matter of time before she becomes a household name and dominates the airwaves, much like her peers before her. Until then, she will continue to grow as an artist and organically gain her audience by being her genuine self.

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