Wesrok Delivers: The Anticipated Arrival of “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

Wesrok Delivers: The Anticipated Arrival of "Don't Get Me Wrong"
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With the release of his new single “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” the groundbreaking Jamaican musician Wesrok is causing a lot of buzz in the music world. With the legendary Busy Signal on board, 360 Global Entertainment has released a much-anticipated single. Following the artist’s successful 2023, the single is expected to make a big splash upon its January 19, 2024, debut.

Percival Buddan, better known as Wesrok, was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica’s peaceful Bog Walk district. He was an innovator in the music industry, pioneering the fusion style known as “Countreggae.” The innovative fusion of reggae’s rhythmic beats and soulful essence with country music’s storytelling abilities creates a seamless whole. His musical journey reflects his life experiences, passion for music, and commitment to being genuine and resilient.

Kenny Rogers, Marty Robbins, and more recent country music greats like Jason Aldean and Tim McGraw were early influences on Wesrok. His Jamaican roots and these other influences paved the way for him to develop a new musical style that has found fans all over the world. His musical style is defined by his capacity to appeal to listeners of all backgrounds and cultures.

The release of Wesrok’s EP, “Look At Me Now,” in 2021 was an essential phase in his career. His extraordinary storytelling skills and knack for fusing genres are on full display in this seven-track compilation. His creative talent is at the forefront of the EP’s powerful songs, such as “Poor Country Boy” and “Born As A Winner,” which appeal to a diverse audience. 

Together with the famous dancehall artist Masicka, Wesrok released the single “Try To Hold Me.” This was an important step in his career. Troyton Music and 360 Global Entertainment collaborated on this track’s release, showcasing Wesrok’s skill in blending various musical styles. The song’s meteoric rise to the top of the iTunes reggae charts is more evidence of his expanding musical clout.

With the launch of his new single “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” featuring Busy Signal, Wesrok is poised to make a significant impression in 2024. This single is being released under 360 Global Entertainment, his record label. In light of the present international crises and conflicts, the song’s message—an impassioned call for love and peace—is more important than ever. The track is expected to gain an exciting new dimension with the help of Busy Signal, a significant player in the reggae and dancehall scenes. Their unique sounds will blend in a way that will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

“Don’t Get Me Wrong” is a strategically and symbolically significant choice for Wesrok to release as the first single of 2024. He wants to keep the momentum going from his successful 2023 into this year, so he wants to start off strong. The song’s message reflects his dedication to using music to positively impact society, which aligns with his musical journey and personal values.

Wesrok is embarking on a grand adventure in the music industry as he builds his career and champions the genre of Country Reggae. Listeners all over the world can’t get enough of his music because it’s entertaining and has profound messages. Along with releasing his new single “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” Wesrok continues his mission to create music that promotes love and peace by delivering a powerful and relevant message. Go to Wesrokmusic.com to learn more about the artist.


Published By: Aize Perez


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