Who was Ronnie McNutt, and what happened since his death?

Ronnie McNutt: This is the first of three stories on the McNutt family. Who are struggling to cope with what they believe is a never-ending wave of cyberbullying.

The Tennessean also asked Facebook and Google for comment. One former representative for Facebook replied that the company could not provide someone knowledgeable in this field by our deadline. Another representative said it needed a subpoena before it could turn over any information about McNutt’s Facebook account.

“I don’t know how these companies are going to answer these questions. I don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Steen, 27, an independent musician from Nashville.

Ronnie McNutt, 33, of Franklin died after reportedly shooting himself in the chest with a .22-caliber revolver on Feb. 16, according to police reports.

Authorities have said that the death was self-inflict. But McNutt’s family and friends have pointed at the possibility they were bullied online.

The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services has a history of involvement including three separate investigations into McNutt. These includes allegations from his stepfather and mother, and multiple allegations from social workers. After he was foster by a family member.

The DCS had direct contact with McNutt four times between October 2013 and March 2014. The Tennessean reviewed records posted online through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Ronnie McNutt’s stepmother, Tonya McNutt, filed an 11-page report on Dec. 22, 2013, in which she tells Social Services caseworkers were investigating the case.

In that report, Tonya McNutt write that her stepson was being “manipulate” by two women. Who were roommates and that Ronnie McNutt believe the women had made his life hell. However, The snitch alleged he had been called gay slurs and had been told to kill himself.

Tonya McNutt asked for an order protecting Ronnie McNutt from these people.

Josh Steen on Ronnie McNutt:

The case was close on March 16, 2014. After DCS determined Ronnie McNutt did not have a need for protection from the alleged people he was afraid of. According to a police report. However, Tonya McNutt said she plans to appeal. The DC has asked the DCS for more information about this case.

McNutt’s family and friends say there is more to the story, pointing to online messages. In which McNutt talked about targeting and stalking women.

A lengthy police report about the circumstances of his suicide indicates that McNutt apparently opposed homosexual or transgender. Therefore, People and thought such people should be “put to death.”

The family and friends say it is clear that McNutt was being cyberbullied, However, Which they believe led him to suicide.

McNutt’s step brother said Ronnie McNutt’s health began to deteriorate after a childhood accident. In which he was knock out by a train. The stepbrother said there were recent health issues, including Ronnie McNutt having trouble breathing.

‘False’ back story: Two days before his death, McNutt posted on Facebook that his girlfriend had been killed.

Nashville police confirmed they were called to the apartment at 1:26 a.m. Feb. 16 and found Ronnie McNutt dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound with a .22-caliber revolver near him.

McNutt’s death was the second suicide in Franklin since Dec. 19. McNutt’s stepfather, Tony McNutt, took his life on Dec. 19. He died at a Nashville hospital after shooting himself at home, according to police and medical reports.

“I am dying inside, and I am so afraid,” Ronnie McNutt reportedly wrote in an online message before he died — a post that has been widely shared by his social media friends. Also “I am in so much pain. Another thing I have to wait on the State to Exterminate me ! I Wish I could have just one day without pain and being terrorized by everyone. I wish that someone would put me out of my misery.”

McNutt’s friends say they believe this post was real, pointing at several reasons: Ronnie McNutt would often write about suicide in posts and messages, he had been previously physically abuse by a close relative.

UK could ban social media over Ronnie McNutt suicide images: 

British lawmakers are looking into a proposal that would force social media companies to remove images of self-harm and suicide. The proposal is include in a draft report on the topic.

UK Labor lawmaker Chi Onwurah said the proposal is include because social media companies have been slow to remove harmful content.

“People are increasingly living their lives through their phones and social media platforms, but this cannot be at the expense of our mental health,” Onwurah said.

Facebook sorry for distressing suicide posts on Instagram: The social network has apologized for allowing self-harm and suicide posts on Instagram.

A review of 73 reported Instagram accounts shows that the platform allowed content that encouraged, glorified and depicted self-harm and suicide between Jan. 13 and Feb. 15, the company said in a statement. “We have zero tolerance for this kind of content.”

“It’s incredibly upsetting to see someone in such pain who didn’t intend to share these images,” Instagram said in a statement. “We know we need to do better, and we are committ to getting better.”

Online bullying has surged to record levels: 

Cyberbullying has reached “epidemic” levels in the UK, with almost four in 10 young people regularly experiencing abuse on social media, according to a new study. Around 30% of 11-to- 18-year-olds have had mean or nasty comments about them posted online, or posted nasty comments about others online themselves.

Bot campaign: 

A bot has been tweeting #RIPRonnieMcNutt.

Calls to remove the image of McNutt were create by several people including a local prosecutor, the Franklin Police Department and even former President Barack Obama’s Chicago office.

The Franklin Police Department says it first heard about the image when a doctor in Nashville call to say it may be causing him trouble at work.

On Feb. 22, the DCS received a complaint about the case from a person who said “this is bothering a lot of people and I don’t know what to do.”

The police department and Franklin’s prosecutor decided to work together on the case. Wards III, IV and V Franklin District Attorney Ron McNutt said he believes the image violates Tennessee state codes prohibiting bullying.

“I think they are being target because they are transgender,” McNutt told WSMV Channel 4 News.

Ability to care: 

McNutt’s family said they believe the depiction is part of bullying and harassment that led to Ronnie McNutt’s death.

McNutt’s stepfather, Tony McNutt, called the public dissemination of the photo a reprehensible act. “I would hope there was some ability to care left in our society,” he told WSMV.

“We don’t want another family to go through this.” TheDC has asked Tony McNutt for more information about this case.

“The LGBTQ community is not a target for this family,” McNutt said. “I don’t want the transgender community to feel like we are some sort of monster or bully.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral costs.

Tiffany George, a friend of Ronnie McNutt’s, says in a message shared with The Daily Caller that “We know they are targeting an individual and most likely the person who took this photo and shared it online.


Unlimited media exposure for suicide is not a good thing for public health, family, friends and colleagues of the deceased person !

It is important to identify the real perpetrators of suicide, bullying and harassment on social media. This may help reduce the epidemic of cyberbullying with healthy solutions in the future. Only then will individuals be protected from continuing trauma and stress caused by false assumptions made by uninformed people who are involved in the news coverage process.

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