April 21, 2024
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Adams Unlimited Enterprise Generates $76K in The First 90 Days of Launching

The American Dream is rooted in enjoying the liberties of a safe and secure financial standing. True freedom can only be attained when one can live life without worry. However, many Americans are facing the incredible burden of bad credit scores. Be it through a lack of financial education or poor decision-making, a bad credit standing is one of the many shackles that can hinder an individual’s path toward financial freedom. Fortunately, Adams Unlimited Enterprise has become a bastion of good faith for any credit repair service, helping Americans improve their creditworthiness and elevate their quality of life. 

Bad credit scores can often lead to the rejection of mortgage applications, vehicle purchases, or any large financial investment, for that matter. Every American citizen has the right to repair their credit scores, and Adams Unlimited Enterprise hopes to reinforce that right and serve its clients for the better.

Adams Unlimited Enterprise was founded by visionary entrepreneur and financial freedom coach Sam Adams. Deeply struggling with a bad credit score in the early days of his career, Sam experienced the hardships of credit repair firsthand. At 20 years old, he proudly had a 730 credit score, which saw a massive dip all the way down to 468 in the next year. “You can have a great score, tank it, and then bring it back up with credit growth tools. I am my own testimonial,” shared Sam. 

With the knowledge he had acquired, he built his own system that could fix other people’s credit problems. “Credit is a necessity in the world. I took on the world by myself, ruined my credit, then built it back up. I have a solid understanding of how crucial credit repair is and how to fix it,” proclaimed the credit repair expert. 

Unfortunately, the credit repair industry has been ravaged by numerous bad actors who only seek to take advantage of the industry’s well-meaning clientele. Plagued by scammers and other fraudulent activities, the credit repair industry itself needed some repairing. That’s where Sam Adams and his team over at Adams Unlimited Enterprise come in. 

Since the company’s inception, it has done a tremendous job at providing its clients with the tools, knowledge, and connections to achieve financial freedom and develop a foundational understanding of financial literacy. Adams Unlimited Enterprise does not solely focus on improving its clients’ credit scores but also goes above and beyond to help them build their credit and teach them growth strategies they could use in the long run. 

The company’s service is bundled in a Credit Repair/Coaching Program that lasts well over four to seven months, about 45-60 days of which are allocated for sending four rounds of disputes to the Credit Bureaus by Adams Unlimited Enterprise‘s dedicated team of credit repair professionals. Each dispute will tackle all negative items on the client’s profile. 

In a span of two months, Adams Unlimited Enterprise has already created a positive impact in the lives of its esteemed clients. Many satisfied customers have experienced huge leaps in their credit scores and up to $50,000 in loan approvals from banks and lenders. To further help them on their financial journey, Sam Adams has also offered to help them create wealth-building strategies to create sustainable passive income streams.

Sam Adams has created an outstanding credit repair institution that has helped his fellow Americans in life-changing ways. Adams Unlimited Enterprise has become a force to be reckoned with in the credit repair industry, giving citizens of the United States a fighting chance in the face of adversity. Long-term financial health has always been the end goal of Sam’s renowned company, and since its establishment, the company has given nothing but the best to its clients. 

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