“AMOR LOCO” at Miami Art Basel: A Symphony of Artistic Expressions by Aldo Comas and TATÓ

“AMOR LOCO" at Miami Art Basel: A Symphony of Artistic Expressions by Aldo Comas and TATÓ
Photo Credited to: Jane Owen PR

At the prestigious Miami Art Basel, an exceptional exhibition titled “AMOR LOCO” has captured the hearts and minds of art enthusiasts. Held on December 7th and 8th at the charming Santorini by Georgios in Miami Beach, the show marked a significant collaboration between artists Aldo Comas and TATÓ. This unique setting, located at Hilton Bentley Miami South Beach, merged the worlds of art and gastronomy, providing a splendid backdrop for this artistic rendezvous.

In an exclusive interview, TATÓ shared her insights into this mesmerizing event. Reflecting on the central theme, she remarked, “Crazy love convenes so many things to some people; for myself, it resonates with an overwhelming feeling that I channel into colors and expressions on canvas.” Her description encapsulates the essence of the exhibition, where each artwork brimmed with intense passion.

Discussing the collaborative dynamics with Aldo Comas, TATÓ highlighted their complementary styles: “Our passion, expression, and love bring forth ideas that explode upon our canvases. Though our styles are similar, the contrast lies in our approaches, yet we converge on the same emotional outcome.”

The choice of “Amor Loco” as the theme, initially selected by Aldo Comas, resonated deeply with TATÓ. She explained, “This theme suits us both perfectly for what we were presenting during the show, capturing the essence of our collective artistic spirit.”

TATÓ expressed her desire for audience interaction, hoping that viewers would connect with her pieces on a personal level. “I want the audience to see their own emotions and experiences reflected in my art,” she shared, emphasizing the universal appeal of her work.

The journey to Miami Art Basel was not without its challenges. TATÓ candidly shared, “There were challenges, but I turned them into solutions. It’s about embracing each task with a solution-oriented mindset.”

Her artistic evolution, leading up to this exhibition, was deeply personal. “My art started as therapy, a way to express what I felt inside. It’s evolved with me, reflecting my journey and emotions,” TATÓ revealed.

Influenced by artists like Domingo Zapata and Jean-Michel Basquiat, TATÓ’s work for “Amor Loco” channeled love, temptation, and expression. “I see myself in these artists, and they inspire my creations, including my robot collection which reflects my own persona,” she stated.

Regarding the venue, TATÓ believes that Art Basel Miami plays a crucial role in the art world. “It brings together diverse backgrounds and countries, creating a silent movie of art that viewers walk through, experiencing the minds of creators,” she noted.

One piece in the exhibition held particular significance for TATÓ. “It represents love and togetherness. It’s about guiding and finding direction in love, a theme that resonates with many,” she explained.

Looking ahead, TATÓ is enthusiastic about future projects. “I’m working on unique art ventures and collaborating with designers to transform my art into fashion. The future holds exciting and expressive projects that I can’t wait to share,” she concluded.

The exhibition “AMOR LOCO” by Aldo Comas and TATÓ at Miami Art Basel was not just a showcase of art; it was a celebration of passion, creativity, and the power of collaboration. The artists’ journey, their artistic evolution, and their hope for audience interaction made this event a landmark in the art world.


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