Artist Connect App’s Gibran Malik on Helping Aspirants Reach Their Creative Goals

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Image Commercially Licensed

Translating visions into reality is a process that entails passion, drive, and determination. While having the necessary qualities and skills can help anyone in their respective fields, nothing beats having access to resources that would eventually pave the way for numerous opportunities. For this reason, Gibran Malik addressed himself to the challenge of creating a platform for go-getters who wish to rise to the top of their chosen careers. Currently, he stands as the esteemed founder of Artist Connect App, an application that is geared towards enabling success for creatives worldwide. 

Ever since the music industry evolved into the highly competitive landscape it is known for today, it has become more daunting and challenging for aspiring artists to make a name for themselves. Taking heed of the need to help these aspirants and dreamers reach their goals, Gibran Malik developed Artist Connect App, which aims to help recording artists connect, pay, make agreements, build their resumes, and manage their businesses with other creatives all at the same time. 

In an interview, Gibran Malik, more prominently known as King Sage, shared how the idea of establishing his own brand came to him. According to the luminary, everything started when he was traveling to the SXSW music festival in 2016. He explained that as an audio engineer, he was always asked by some of his recording artists for help in connecting with other creatives to help get their projects done. On that fateful flight headed for the music festival, he had an epiphany about what is now the Artist Connect App.

Although Gibran Malik is now on his way to the forefront of the music industry, his journey toward creating his brand had its fair share of trials and difficulties.

“Hiring creatives and selling services as a creative are both normally comprehensive, and drawn-out processes of finding the right person, negotiating pricing, agreements, and making safe payments,” the Artist Connect App founder revealed. “It was a lot of work to put and tie all these things together and simplify it down to a unique and fun experience.”

The early phases of integrating the Artist Connect App into the music industry may have been a challenge, but Gibran Malik eventually came up with an innovative solution to make things work.

“It took a lot of time, but our users love what we did with the Artist Connect App. For each payment received, we promote them in rank to potential new clients within our network automatically. We also turned their chats into written and insured agreements in case someone breaks their cancellation policy,” he explained. “We also automatically build their income and expense sheet with their transactions on the app to help them save on taxes at the end of the year. We have many more useful tools coming soon to help manage and build our users’ careers.”

Since its inception, Artist Connect App has managed to establish itself as a dedicated network of creatives, connecting talent with opportunity in the simplest way possible. At its core, the app strives to make it easy for artists to accomplish their creative goals and release their products on time with the vision they intended, both sonically and visually. 

In the coming years, Gibran Malik and the rest of the Artist Connect App team will be creating more ways to encourage and support creatives struggling mentally during this pandemic.

“Even after the pandemic is over, we plan to be there for them to not only support their careers but their well-being as well,” they reassured.


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