AS Talent Agency Marks 3 Years of High Standards

Photo Courtesy: AS Talent Agency
Photo Courtesy: AS Talent Agency

By: Evelyn Grace

AS Talent Agency celebrates its three-year anniversary since its founding, making big waves in the content creation industry. Primarily set for the European market, the agency is expanding its reach to the US market and works with big-name creators like Jia Lissa, Nancy Ace, Sybil, and others, who have multiple XBIZ and AVN nominations and a massive social media following. 

As creating a winning marketing strategy that works is a tough task, more and more influencers are turning to marketing agencies these days to ensure their vision is heard and their goals are achieved faster.  

AS Talent Agency caters specifically to top creators with impressive media presence, seeking assistance to elevate their rankings even further. They know how to work well with big-name influencers and have vast experience creating custom solutions tailored to each influencer’s unique needs. 

Today, we’ve talked to the CMO of AS Talent Agency, Alice, to learn more about how top marketing agency is aimed at their creators’ success.

Q: What sets AS Talent apart from going solo as a content creator?

Alice: Here, once the creator starts working with us, we provide a dedicated team of 10 marketing professionals specializing in various areas, from social media management to traffic optimization. This individual approach helps us achieve the best results. We can quickly assist with everything a creator may need. For example, last month, one of our creators, Lovely Jill, needed a boost for her YouTube, so with our help, she went from zero followers to 45k in one month. Her videos got hundreds of thousands of views, and one went viral, getting over 3 million views. It is not easy to achieve on your own, especially for full-length videos on YouTube.

We deliver big results quickly, which is almost impossible to do solo. For instance, making reels go viral is a pretty tough task. Still, we know how to do unique, sometimes even cringey content plans aand optimize reels properlyso it goes viral in the US, boosting views and revenue fivefold. One of our latest cases in IG reels led to boosting creators’ revenue from 3k to 18k in just three weeks, getting a couple of million views. We started her IG from scratch, and now the creator is much more financially independent and happy with the results. 

Q: What are some of the agency’s standout features that could save creators time?

Alice: A standout AS Talent feature for creators that helps is having a dedicated client manager who handles everything for the influencer and resolves any issues. Such a manager ensures the communication between the agency and a creator is always a smooth and seamless experience. Having some issues with content? Or maybe a personal matter? Your Client Manager is here to fix it for you, and that’s what all of our models like about working with us – there is no need to have countless chats, and there is no miscommunication.

Q: What are other ways AS Talent helps creators generate more traffic?

Alice: One of the newest features we take pride in is OF.TV production. We provide high-quality production for creators, identifying their strengths to build a script plan around them. We determine the niche in which the model will work on OF.TV, help the creator through the interview process to qualify, and manage the creator’s OF.TV. This includes optimizing and posting videos at the right time, in the right quantity, and at the right intervals to drive more traffic. Then, we make sure to monetize it.

Also, my experience shows that cross-promotion that we do and shoutouts among AS Talent’s creators drive significant traffic, resulting in a threefold increase in growth on social media. Imagine you join our agency’s community of over 50 well-known creators who do shoutouts for you once you get to work with the agency.  It’s an exposure to 20 million people at once, which helps to boost revenue three times in the first month of working with us. 

We also guarantee significant traffic and revenue growth through collaborations with the creators already associated with our agency. You’ll work with top creators and exchange your audience, which is a must for an impressive social media presence. 

Q: How does AS Talent help increase fan interaction quality?

Alice: Ultimately, we ensure that influencers retain their existing followers while gaining even more fans in a short period of time. This helps increase creators’ revenue up to three to four times. 

As a data-driven agency, we prefer to utilize CRM and teach our creators how to use it to improve their results and have a revenue boost. 

CRM helps to keep in touch with all the fans and remember what they love, their hobbies, birthdays and even their dogs` names. It shows which media was already sent to each fan to prevent duplicates. It also gives an opportunity to send online mass messages to engage as many fans as possible. These messages go to the priority folder and feel more personal.

 A special tool to return expired fans helps our creators increase revenue 2-3 times. It helps us reach those fans who have already unsubscribed. We create a special message that goes to the priority folder and encourages fans to subscribe again.

Except for a high-quality CRM-system, we know our customers, which is also very important. What exactly we are doing:  

We discover the geo of fans. This way, we know exactly which hours peak on each page and understand when our creators should be the most active.

We know our target audience. How old are most of the fans, what do they do for a living, and what type of personalities do they have? We know all that and help our creators find common ground with them to make them happy. 

We know exactly which types of content are top sellers on our pages. This way, we know how to make fans happy and how to avoid wasting our creators’ time.

Q: What are the nearest plans for AS Talent Agency?

Alice: AS Talent is set to open local markets for our creators in Germany, France and other European countries. We are currently tapping into the USA market, and as we do it, the first step to succeed would be visiting the XBiz Miami conference from May 13th to 15th and connecting with influential people in the content creation industry. If you’re visiting it as well, come over to say hi. We will be happy to meet you there!


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