How Cory Paul Martin and T.O. Mezcal Are Taking Over Miami by Melding Cultures and Crafting Connections

Cory Paul Martin and T.O. Mezcal Melding Miami Cultures

By: Maria Williams

As the world continues to fall in love with one of the mystical and historically relevant spirits known to exist – mezcal – a group of passionate entrepreneurs believe that authentic connections and a love for the process behind this elixir make a big difference. Their recent success in Miami, Tulum and other marquee locations around the world is a testament to their product´s quality and authenticity. 

T.O. Mezcal isn’t just a spirit—it’s an embodiment of culture, craftsmanship, and the dynamic leadership of Cory Paul Martin. With a background in high fashion and social media, Martin has skillfully transitioned into the spirits industry, introducing a level of storytelling and personal connection that transforms every bottle of T.O. Mezcal into a narrative of its own.

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Photo Courtesy: Mai Medina

Journey into Mezcal

Cory Paul Martin’s evolution from a global influencer to a steward of traditional mezcal production is a story of passion and discovery. His world travels have not just shaped his personal ethos but have deeply influenced his approach to business—seeking authentic experiences and genuine connections. These travels have led him to the heartlands of Mexico, where he’s forged a bond with the land and its people, particularly in the mezcal-rich regions of Oaxaca and Michoacán.

For many, mezcal is an acquired taste, but for Cory and his team at T.O. Mezcal, it’s a gateway to exploring ancient traditions and deep-rooted cultures. Mezcal production is interwoven with rituals and storied practices that date back centuries. Cory sees this as the spirit’s core appeal—its mysticism and the profound connection it offers to the earth. “It’s about more than distilling; it’s about invoking the spirit of mezcal through time-honored traditions,” Cory notes.

Crafting Deep Connections Through Every Sip

Each mezcal variant under the T.O. brand tells a story, particularly the Tobalá, which Cory personally adores. Sourced from wild agave grown in secluded Oaxacan landscapes, it represents the purity and essence of its environment. This connection to place and tradition is central to Cory’s approach, ensuring that each offering from T.O. Mezcal not only tastes unique but also carries a piece of its heritage.

While deeply respectful of tradition, T.O. Mezcal is also at the forefront of innovation within the industry. The brand’s upcoming initiatives include partnerships that blend traditional mezcal making with modern art and culture, thereby broadening its appeal and introducing the spirit to new audiences. “We aim to bridge cultures and generations with every bottle,” says Cory, highlighting his vision for the brand’s future.

Beyond the spirits market, T.O. Mezcal is committed to giving back through T.O. Missions, their philanthropic branch. This commitment ensures that their success is shared with the communities in Oaxaca and Michoacán, supporting educational, environmental, and economic development projects. For Cory, this is non-negotiable: “Our growth and their prosperity are intertwined.” – he reflects.

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Photo Courtesy: Mai Medina

Looking ahead, Cory envisions T.O. Mezcal gaining a prominent place on the global stage, inviting the world to share in the rich, multifaceted flavors and stories of mezcal. “Our goal is to make mezcal not just a drink, but an experience—one that resonates with and respects its roots while appealing to a global audience,” he concludes.

Through T.O. Mezcal Cory Paul Martin and his partners, Dr. Courtney and David Yurko, Alfonso Trampe and Gonzalo Gijon Santiago – who were recently recognized by Forbes Mexico – are not just crafting a product. They are curating experiences that bridge worlds, inviting everyone to taste the history and culture of mezcal. His journey reflects a confluence of innovation, tradition, and community engagement, making T.O. Mezcal a standout name in the spirits industry.

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