Calling All Miami Elite: An Exclusive Look at Charette Cosmetics

Calling All Miami Elite: An Exclusive Look at Charette Cosmetics
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Premier celebrity medical spa Charette Cosmetics has just opened a location on West 41st Street in Miami Beach. Entrusted by cast members of “The Real Housewives,” Olympic athletes, and big names in music like rappers Lil Durk and Latto and hip-hop act the City Girls, Charette Cosmetics is the brainchild of expert esthetician and creative mastermind Paul Charette.

Real solutions for skin care and aesthetic problems

Charette knows how important skin and aesthetic problems are because he suffered from them himself. In high school, severe acne covered his entire face, and while he was able to afford professional help as a young adult, these interventions left him with scars.

The experience of visiting medical spa after medical spa and spending thousands of dollars for little to no return taught Charette that the medical spa industry was in dire need of disruption. 

“Having skin issues can affect people’s mental health,” Charette says. “People need real help, so I wanted to find real solutions.”

Charette indeed found those solutions. In the process, he not only improved his own appearance but also laid the foundation for Charette Cosmetics, which is famous for revolutionary skincare and other aesthetic treatments that live up to their promises.

Charette Cosmetics treatments make your face glow

Celebrities flock to Charette Cosmetics for their many facials, each of which is specially designed to achieve different goals. Some use unexpected materials to obtain their dramatic results, such as their DiamondGlow Facials, which use actual diamonds to do a deep clean on your pores.

Prefer gold instead? Check out Charette Cosmetics’ Gold Infusion Facials, which stamps the skin with this precious metal. This hydrates the skin deep within, not only reducing the appearance of wrinkles but also resulting in a glowing complexion. 

Only have 20 minutes to spend in the aesthetician’s chair? Consider SkinWave facials, which only take that long yet still open the pores gently, clean them thoroughly, and moisturize them effectively with hydrogen-concentrated water.

Charette Cosmetics chemical peels

Charette Cosmetics’s wide range of chemical peels targets acne, dark spots, melasma, and discoloration issues. The medical spa even has a special peel just for the lips. 

In addition to these chemical peels for the face, however, they also offer an innovative chemical peel for the whole body. Since the skin in these regions isn’t as delicate as that on the face, these chemical peels contain a higher concentration of exfoliating acids.

Charette Cosmetics has even developed innovative chemical peels to address skin issues in sensitive personal areas. These are just some of the services Charette Cosmetics offers.

Laser treatments, dermaplaning, and microneedling at Charette Cosmetics

Charette Cosmetics also has a large range of laser treatments and more. Charette Cosmetics’ CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing reduces the signs of aging, while their Celebrity Laser Facial results in a younger appearance without requiring a recovery period. 

Carbon Laser Facials are designed to help people with oily skin. Intense Pulsed Light facials target redness for elimination if you need to address broken capillaries or damage from the sun. Charette Cosmetics’ laser treatments can also remove your tattoos and get rid of unwanted hair.

The team’s expert estheticians also offer microneedling and dermaplaning, a deep exfoliation of the skin. Their comprehensive Morpheus8 technique combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy, which provokes collagen production.

Injectables at Charette Cosmetics

Looking for Botox or other injectables? At Charette Cosmetics, you can find not only Botox but also Kybella, dermal fillers, and more. Platelet-rich plasma treatments can help overcome acne scars and restore thinning patches of hair, while Platelet-rich fibrin goes even further, adding stem cells, fibrin, and white blood cells as well as platelets to mix to stimulate healing at the cellular level. 

Charette Cosmetics can even give you the booty of your dreams with an Instant Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Mole removal, hair transplants, body sculpting, male enhancement, and vaginal rejuvenation also figure among the services Charette Cosmetics provides.

Skincare products from Charette Cosmetics

Not all of Charette Cosmetic’s ingenious solutions require visiting a clinic, however. The creams and lotions Charette has developed over the years are also available for purchase through his e-commerce website

These products are organized according to the common problems they aim to solve. For instance, the anti-aging section of the store includes creams for the eyes and neck, while the anti-acne page features a cleanser, antioxidant toning mist, pads that diminish breakouts, and a rejuvenating serum. 

There are also products specially formulated for texture, scarring, or pigmentation issues, as well as dry skin. Customers can buy these brilliant product lines together in convenient, comprehensive packages.

Go to Charette Cosmetics for the skincare of the stars

No matter what skincare or other aesthetic problem you might have, don’t assume it can’t be solved. Charette Cosmetics can help you address it.

Indeed, Charette Cosmetics delivers outcomes no one else can. That’s why they have more than 1,300 reviews on Google, 174,000 followers on Instagram, and 15,500 followers on TikTok.

While Charette Cosmetics might be famous worldwide, residents of Miami are now in the privileged position of having a clinic right in their own community. Get the same skincare and aesthetic treatments as the stars. Book an appointment with Charette Cosmetics today!

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