Colorado Startup Launches a New Initiative to Make Land Ownership Dreams Come True in San Luis Valley

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  • Own A Piece of Colorado is offering multiple 35- to 40-acre parcels. Buyers can expect to begin purchasing land as early as July 2023.
  • Those who choose to buy land can find 35-acre parcels with a water well for as little as $75.000.
  • Capital gain: The land market has experienced its strongest growth in more than a decade, with Colorado taking much of the 6% year-over-year growth in transactions in recent years.

Located in the scenic San Luis Valley of Colorado, Own A Piece of Colorado (OAPOC) is launching a new initiative designed to improve the experience for prospective landowners wanting to buy land in rural Colorado. The Alamosa-based startup is serving the growing trend of Americans and international buyers from all socioeconomic backgrounds that are seeking to escape the hecticness of city living and live a more healthy lifestyle – while still attaining their financial goals of owning a home or investing in real estate. 

The land market has been experiencing its strongest growth in over a decade – with Colorado taking a large share of the 6% YOY transactional growth in recent years. Considering the non-stop rise in price of single-family homes and condos across urban and metropolitan areas, many families and young professionals that work remotely are opting to purchase land in more affordable, up-and-coming rural areas like Saguache County and Alamosa County – where buyers can buy unimproved land for as cheap as $1,000 per acre. Those opting to buy improved land that is ready to build can find 35-acre lots that include a water well for as cheap as $75,000. 

But “not all land is made equal” says Sam Putnam, VP of Finance at OAPOC. When asked how those seeking to buy land in rural Colorado can determine if they’re getting a good deal for a lot of land, Sam responded “take a look at the three main driving factors for land valuation in this area – access to a road, electricity, and water.”

Sam recommends that buyers educate themselves on “how to buy land” in rural areas and seek the help of a local land consultant if you don’t have prior experience. A challenge that many out-of-state and international buyers face when deciding to buy land in Colorado is the lack of clear information in land listings. Most land listings in rural America have the same generic descriptions. “You need to be able to tell the difference from one 40-acre parcel of land listed at $50,000 and another 40-acre parcel that is listed at $30,000 when the pictures and listing description look the same,” says Sam.

That’s why OAPOC’s mission is to make it easy to understand how to buy land in rural Colorado by educating prospective buyers on the ins and outs of buying off-grid land. Their plan is to offer personalized consulting to ensure that the lot of land that you are buying has the viability to be developed into the dream home or the commercial business of your dreams. OAPOC also pride themselves on being the local expert and physically being there – unlike most other land selling websites that sell land all over the country. “We like to certify that each lot that we sell is quality land and we know everything about it including easements, water rights, etc” said Angie Geis, Field Operations Manager for OAPOC.

Another part of the initiative is bringing the natural beauty of the San Luis Valley to the world.  The land parcels sit right on the cusp of Mt. Blanca, with a direct view of the Great San Dunes National Park. The development possibilities are endless with the help of OAPOC’s all-inclusive consulting services that deliver a full end-to-end project plan for any development. OAPOC will also include on-demand access to a variety of resources especially related to well-drilling, electricity, and road access to their clients. Most importantly, all of the lots that OAPOC is preparing to launch for sale in early July have close proximity to multiple national forests, national parks, waterfall attractions, skiing, and are only 3 hour drive from Denver or Albuquerque.

OAPOC is excited to partner with The Zalaquett Group, a real estate consultancy firm from Florida with over two decades of experience helping international and out-of-state clients buy land and develop it. William Zalaquett, Head of Strategy & Luxury Transactions, noted, “We always thought that Colorado will be in the same trend as Florida and Texas, following the latest migratory trends inside the United States.” The Miami conglomerate who has been in operation for more than 20 years is excited to support this launch. OAPOC is excited to be able to leverage the skills, expertise, and resources that The Zalaquett Group has to offer to combine with their own local expertise of the area in which they have been researching for over two years.

Presently, Own A Piece of Colorado is offering multiple 35 to 40-acre parcels. Buyers can expect to begin purchasing land as soon as July 2023. OAPOC is also offering an exclusive offer for clients in Florida and the international markets. Reach out to Sarah at for updates and information on packages and offerings. 

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