April 21, 2024
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Cooli Highh Set to Take Hip-Hop Fans on a “Fresh Highh” with Upcoming Album Release

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Sourced photo

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The upcoming release of A Fresh Highh by Cooli Highh, a music artist representing Arkadelphia, AR and San Diego, CA, has been generating a lot of buzz. Scheduled for release on April 20th, the project is eagerly awaited by fans and is expected to be the perfect accompaniment for the annual celebration of stoners. The project will be hosted by none other than DJ VIP, adding to the excitement surrounding its launch.

Drawing inspiration from his favorite artists, Cooli collaborated with his close friend and Chicago native, Rockie Fresh, to embark on a unique venture within the music industry. Their project, A Fresh Highh, is anticipated to resonate with hip-hop enthusiasts, 420 enthusiasts, and those who thrive on the urban lifestyle and after-hours scene.

Cooli Highh distinguishes himself from other music artists through his exceptional talent for communicating and connecting with audiences. His unique ability to build strong relationships with strangers, effortlessly transforming them into friends and even family, sets him apart from the rest. This rare gift is evident not just in his music but also in his other pursuits.

Cooli refuses to be confined to a single identity. He wears many hats, including those of a YouTuber, gamer, and music podcast interviewer on Twitch. Through these endeavors, he aims to grow his fan base and foster a sense of kinship with them. Fuelled by his passion for music and his followers, he delves into creating fresh tracks that his audience can groove to.

From Cooli’s perspective, his journey toward achieving success has revolved around the relentless pursuit of his dreams and goals with unwavering fervor and commitment. According to him, when an individual is deeply passionate about their work, the growth and transformation they experience in their industry is boundless. Through the acquisition of new skills, forging new relationships, and gaining novel insights and personality traits, Cooli believes that one can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

As he prepares to release his album A Fresh Highh, Cooli Highh urges his fans and loved ones to persevere in their aspirations, regardless of how unattainable they may appear. He emphasizes the importance of diligence, commitment, and an open-minded attitude to personal development, as they pave the way to realizing one’s goals. “As long as you’re in love with what you do, you never know how you will grow and change in that industry,” he left off.


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