Couples Therapy in Miami or Relationship Coaching: Want Fast, Convenient Results? Not Long-Term Therapy

Couples Therapy in Miami
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Loves Hidden Policy provides face to face couples therapy in Miami, marriage counseling, and fast convenient results with relationship coaching with 4 appointment offices in Miami: Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Doral and Aventura. Our practitioners meet with couples who want to work at a physical location, but we also provide Zoom calls to couples who want fast, convenient results.

In a loving relationship the human condition plays out, or more clearly navigating with our heart and mind can be challenging with our vulnerabilities, personality with all of its defenses, family history, past relationships and experiences, and our fears. Even with this human challenge, we know deep down, instinctively, that love in our relationship is where our deepest happiness lies.

The longest-running study on human happiness, an 80+ year Harvard study on adult development and happiness shows very clearly that a loving partner, and close connected friendships and work colleagues, family and community is the key to our happiness and also our longevity.

Why Effectiveness?

Remember, choosing the most effective couples therapy or coaching is important. Most couples need results, not long-term therapy. You need someone intelligent, skilled and experienced to help you as a couple to succeed with love.

You may need to develop greater relationship intelligence and skills, tools and capabilities to bring to each other. It’s not about who’s right or wrong; it’s about understanding how your emotional and cognitive states interact with each other to connect, and developing greater relationship skills. And this, my friends, is what our couples counseling or relationship coaching services in Miami aim to provide—a pathway to a deeper connection and a more fulfilling love life.

Couples therapy, marriage counseling, and relationship coaching all have a therapeutic aspect to them, because healthy relationships are themselves therapeutic by nature and evidence shows that the relationship with the practitioner has a great affect on the positive change on another. However, we use evidence-based methods and coaching. We help couples to become clear on what they need to work on to develop secure, respectful relationships and help them to work on their personal values, goals, skills and dreams or vision. 

The reality of love is, for the openness of love to flow we cannot control one another, we can only love, respect and remain open to help another grow.


In-Person Versus Online: Making The Choice

The effectiveness of couples therapy or relationship coaching is all about skill development, and most commonly, communication skills. Whether it’s an in-person appointment or online, the objective is to improve your relationship so you can succeed with love. Couples therapy in Miami, marriage counseling, or relationship coaching will offer unique benefits that differ from online sessions. However, consider both options, evaluate the situation and dynamic between you and your partner, and then make an informed choice.

What to Consider When Choosing Couples Therapy in Miami, Florida or Relationship Coaching:

Selecting the most effective couples therapy or coaching practitioner is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It requires understanding your relationship’s unique needs, and considering the person that suits you best. So, if you’re looking to see if Loves Hidden Policy is a good fit for you please set up a 15-minute consultation here.

By investing in your relationship’s growth and choosing the right practitioner to help you to accomplish this you pave the way for a more loving and harmonious life together. If you are facing challenges, or wanting to uncover what is going on beneath the surface of your loving relationship, and are willing to work at it, we can help you.



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