April 15, 2024
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Emerging Industry Powerhouse HBi Auto Takes the Explosive Car Market by Storm

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

The commercial landscape is known for being dominated by brilliant individuals and highly talented visionaries. With such incredible people taking over the industry, it has become extremely challenging for other players in the field to establish themselves and make their marks. True enough, it takes having the ability to present something groundbreaking and innovative to stand out and take the lead. Such is the case with Billy Wenk and Evan Wiles, two luminaries whose passion for cars has catapulted them to the summits of success. Today, they stand as the esteemed founders of HBi Auto, a premier luxury automotive dealership that has been creating significant waves across the realm. 

On a mission to revolutionize the exotic car dealership industry, HBi Auto has established itself as one of the leading authorities in the field. Widely acknowledged for its expert works on luxurious brands, the company specializes in providing sales and services for Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8, and McLaren automobiles. Proving to be unstoppable at its game, it has successfully elevated the customer service experience for the independent sector. 

With its outstanding performance and unwavering commitment, HBi Auto has come a long way since its founding in 2018. What used to be a small venture from Mocksville, North Carolina, has now blossomed into an industry powerhouse that aims to create a meaningful and long-lasting impact on others. 

Over the years, HBi Auto’s expertise has proven to have no bounds. Whether the vehicle is old, new, or modified, the company has experienced technicians who can address all of its clients’ problems. It also works with the Original Equipment Manufacturers, aftermarket, and dealership suppliers, answering any concerns about looking for the right parts for the models. 

As a result of a team of professionals equipped with extensive knowledge in street and professional applications, HBi Auto is acclaimed for providing clients with an advanced understanding of drivetrain, engine management, and chassis function. On top of that, the company is also hailed for its innovative prowess in resolving issues. With its unparalleled expertise and unrivaled dedication, the privately-owned entity is considered a beacon of trustworthiness, excellence, and integrity. “We have been able to build trust and value to our clients as to why they should purchase from us,” the founders said. 

HBi Auto may be prominent for repairing and replacing car parts. However, its wide range of services also extends to delivering improvements on the exterior of the vehicles. Heavily determined to expand its horizons and reach even more impressive heights, the company continues to develop more innovative solutions for its clients. “We look to continue our exponential growth year after year, but we are also looking for a strategic partnership to help us take our business model nationwide scale to a billion-dollar organization,” the founders revealed. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, HBi Auto envisions itself preserving its reputable standing and working with more partners in the future. So much can be expected from the company as it ceaselessly elevates the industry with its unique processes and top-notch services. 

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