April 16, 2024
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Entrepreneur Alice Hatcher Excels in Health, Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyle Businesses

Entrepreneur and health and beauty enthusiast Alice Hatcher exemplifies a modern-day woman: intelligent, independent, and has the ability to lead. Not only has she successfully established businesses very close to her heart, but she has also effectively followed what her businesses promote so she can maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

Alice has been highly involved in the health and beauty industry since 2000. Her many years working with Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder, and Still A truly paid off with the creation of her businesses. She finished with honors at the Paul Mitchell Skin Academy, and has trained alongside Dr. Zein Obagi. She was one of the first entrepreneurs to establish a medical spa in Orange County in 2005. Called EB Medical Spa, her venture has become the go-to place of refuge for so many clients over the past 15 years, with its extensive variety of services, including microneedling, Vi Peel, DiamondGlow, and MicroBlading. Sometime in 2010, she introduced an e-commerce site known as Beauty Addict, offering services to a wide array of clients around the world with virtual consultations to address skin concerns and prescribe the correct products for each individual. In 2015, Alice launched a medical skincare brand called Precision Skin Rx. 

Alice was born in Taipei and migrated to the United States when she was only one year old. She did not know any English and started to retreat whenever more people were involved than expected. Her mother was a night shift nurse, while her father studied engineering. She also remembers how hard it was for her family growing up and struggling to make ends meet. 

Alice has been discouraged so many times, even at a young age. She was repeatedly bullied in school, being the only Chinese back then. “The biggest challenge I faced in life was people telling me I can’t do it, that I’m not good enough and will fail. Including my crazy immigrant tiger mom and father. One time my father told me, ‘no matter how hard you try, you will never succeed ‘cause you will never have blond hair and blue eyes.’ I was seven years old at the time,” Alice recalled. However, she did not let the experience dampen her spirit. Instead, she used them to propel herself further into greatness. 

Her current success as an entrepreneur motivates her to become a positive role model to young women of today. Additionally, she envisions growing brands and businesses and promoting positivity. Through her skin and mental health businesses, Alice hopes to make a long-lasting impact on people so they can begin to live healthily and feel good about themselves again. 

Indeed, Alice has effectively and successfully used the majority of peoples’ dreams as a springboard for future reference. Her journey may have had ups and downs, but because she never gave up, everything turned out for the better for her in the end. Alice is undeniably a woman to look up to, as she has proven to be a committed and hardworking entrepreneur filled with passion and grace. 

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