Florida Actress and Producer Karina Michel to Lead the New Film “Dahlia: City of the Witches”

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There are producers who make films, and there are those who change the game. Karina Michel, British-American Owner and Executive Producer of production company Tallulah Films, is one of the latter.

A rare gem in today’s film industry, Michel continues to push boundaries both on-screen and off. As an independent producer, she has worked on a diverse range of projects that promote social change. Only a few can cultivate a story and impact like Michel.

“I love telling stories that have the potential to change people’s perspectives and promote social justice,” says Michel. “Documentaries are an incredibly powerful medium for this and I try to bring something to every scripted character I play as well.” “I took off quite some time off and always knew I would come back to acting at some point. 2023 ended up being the year.” Just this January she completed Christmas Couples Retreat and The Truth About Monsters where she has leading roles in both. She’s also set to star in the feature film “Dahlia: City of Witches” in Sarasota and Puerto Rico this Spring. 

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Photo credits: Josh Kranich, Nashville, TN 

One of Michel’s most notable projects where she was an EP is the award-winning film, “Little Miss Sumo,” which explores the life of  20-year-old sumo wrestler Hiyori Kon, who is one of the few women practicing the sport. “Hiyori is great – she is so inspirational to girls all over the world” 

With over two decades of experience in the film industry, Michel has established herself as a visionary producer and talented actress, and driving force behind some of the most impactful and thought-provoking films of the last few years. She began as an actress and model, exploring the fashion and entertainment industries. She loved being on set but realized that her true passion was a combination of being in front of and behind the scenes. Michel’s journey began when she discovered her love for storytelling and her passion for using film as a tool for social change. Her scripts often weave a strong knot of emotion and intellect that focuses on women’s empowerment, body image, and cultural identity. “A lot of times I wear many hats on a project, and that’s okay. I enjoy the coming together of creatives and many of them become friends and we go on to do other projects together. Which is what it’s all about”. Last week she sat on a panel at the Sundance Film Festival talking about women’s empowerment in the industry with her cast from “Christmas Couples Retreat” and Vincent DePaul, who she says she’s known for years and really lead this project well. “I think the industry has come leaps and bounds from when I started. It’s refreshing to see the changes and exciting to see the possibilities coming forth”. 

Michel’s unwavering commitment to making a difference has led her to produce films that challenge the status quo and spark meaningful conversations about social and political issues. She’s currently working on an eye-opening documentary that she says will shine a light on the lives of law enforcement officers in her community and the men and women and the work they do to better the cities they live in. 

Michel’s work doesn’t stop at just producing films. She is also an advocate for diversity and representation in the industry. Being a vocal supporter of initiatives that aim to create a more inclusive and equitable film industry, she is always looking for ways to give a voice to marginalized communities. Michel’s unwavering commitment to diversity and representation has earned her a reputation as a leading voice in the film industry and in her own community, and she continues to inspire others to join her cause. 

Her next event highlights the London premiere of “Mother of the Year”  a UK comedy in March. But, according to Michel, what keeps her ideas fresh is her podcast – “Coffee with Karina- Entertainment Unfiltered, where she enjoys getting to know fellow artists and their stories around entertainment. The podcast covers the artist’s lives and craft of filmmaking, behind the scenes of Hollywood glam, and a lot more! Season 4 is ready to navigate her followers to the “mindset” journey as she will be talking about her column at Rolling Stone and bringing on new friends she’s collaborating with. 


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