From the Streets to the Spotlight – MSB Boog is Taking Over the Rap Scene

MSB Boog
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Pensacola, Florida has birthed a new talent in the rap music scene: MSB Boog, an American rapper-songwriter determined to make waves in the industry. MSB, which stands for Money Stackin Bozz, showcases the artist’s hardworking nature, ambition, and vision for the future of rap music. Recently signing a distribution deal with Equity Distribution, the artist is ready for a new kind of musical takeover. Launching his career just two years ago, MSB Boog has quickly gained traction with multiple projects under his belt, such as the track “Soldier” and the EP Life In the Trenchez, a six-track collection featuring the fan-favorite track “Run It Up.”

MSB Boog‘s journey to stardom is a true rags-to-riches story. Born into poverty and experiencing extremely tough times, including jail time, he has managed to rise above these challenges and redirect his focus towards a promising career in the music industry. His new track, “Rockstar,” captures the essence of his transformation from a rough life on the streets to a successful rockstar in the world of music.

Having recently signed with EQ/RocNation and securing a distribution deal, 2023 is shaping up to be MSB Boog’s most significant professional year since the start of his career. Originally inspired to pursue music by his older brother, who fell short of his own dreams in the industry due to a 10-year prison sentence, MSB Boog is now determined to carry the torch for his family and peers from his neighborhood.

Growing up, the term “MSB” had already been ingrained in Boog’s life, but as he pursued a career in rap, he decided to redefine its meaning to better align with his aspirations. MSB now stands for “Money Stakkin Bozz,” the guiding principle behind his independent record label, Money Stakkin Bozz Ent. With heavy lyricism and eclectic beats that shake the spirit, MSB Boog’s ultimate goal is to touch people’s souls with his music and provide a new perspective for those around him, showing that it’s possible to rise above the challenges of life.

MSB Boog
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MSB Boog’s recently released EP, Life In The Trenchez, available on all major platforms, offers a raw and unfiltered look into the rapper’s life and experiences. The EP takes listeners on a journey through an artist’s darkest points in life and brings them to the light of triumph and personal growth. Each track delves into different aspects of his life, providing a comprehensive understanding of the man behind the music.

One of the standout tracks on Life In The Trenchez is the single “Run It Up.” This powerful track has been lauded as a trap anthem, showcasing MSB Boog’s undeniable talent and passion for the genre. “Run It Up” pays homage to the lifestyle that MSB Boog left behind as he transitioned into a full-time music career, encapsulating the gritty reality of street life and the pursuit of success.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events featuring MSB Boog, such as the All Black Scorpio Bash on November 4, 2022, at Chasers Lounge. As MSB Boog continues to make a name for himself in the rap scene, his journey serves as an inspiration for those who dream of overcoming adversity and making it big in the music industry.


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