Highly Promising Artist MC Luna Trine’s Passion for Photography and Music

Society perpetuates the notion that people are only allowed one passion they should excel at. As such, many go through life burdened by the unnecessary pressure of having to choose and pursue only one thing. However, one forward-thinking artist is bravely challenging this restricting concept: MC Luna Trine.

The inspiring young man has been making waves in the music scene as an up-and-coming artist with a propensity for creating euphonic songs with positive messages. His first single, “Aura For Me,” is all about connecting with another person based on their aura and energy. He also dropped a second track called “Come With Me To The Moon” and plans to release many more in the upcoming days and months.

Before becoming a rising musician, MC Luna Trine has always gravitated towards artistic pursuits. As a child, he loved to draw and paint. Over the years, his relationship with the arts evolved, and the skillful individual became highly fascinated with the process of taking pictures and videos. In fact, he recently started a travel vlog that shows audiences his fun and exciting adventures as well as his unique creative process. 

As a result, he became a professional photographer in New York City, working with esteemed models shooting for fashion shows and other events. On top of that, his career allowed him to rub elbows with various personalities in the entertainment industry, such as artists, and celebrities, some of whom he photographed in concerts, music video sets, and at the Quad Music Studio.

Being around such talented musicians has awakened the gifted young man’s desire to be in front of the camera and perform. This experience motivated the artistic individual to finally try his hand as a musical artist. “I have always enjoyed listening to music and have always loved creating. So for me, I love to watch or listen to my own music and videos. I also enjoy connecting with other creative people, so making music and vlogs helps me connect with other people, create with them, and share experiences that we could remember,” he candidly shared.

MC Luna Trine is indeed a testament that having multiple interests is not a hindrance to success. If anything, exploring one’s skills and talents is a valuable journey that promotes growth and improvement. This outstanding philosophy is something that he wishes to share with his audiences and the world. As the visionary meaningfully shared, “I want people to be inspired to create no matter what medium they use. There are many forms of art, and it’s okay to change what you do to find your passion, and it’s okay to start a new journey. It’s okay to want to go from behind the camera to stepping out into the front of the camera and creating work based on your own voice.”

Moving forward, the professional photographer and promising artist plans to continue improving his skills and honing his craft. But most importantly, he remains dedicated to using his music, creativity, and artistry to inspire others.


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