April 15, 2024
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How Eric Pearce Founded 30A Boat Valet After Bouncing Back from Multiple Failures

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Image Commercially Licensed


Bouncing back from failure is not something everyone can do, especially if one loses everything he’s built all at the same time. It’s a circumstance Eric Pearce knows well. But with perseverance and commitment to a dream, he continued to tread on and succeeded in building something never before seen in his industry—30A Boat Valet

Eric Pearce has pursued his entrepreneurial passion for 22 years. In two decades, he has traversed through industries, including financing, marketing, and handling new accounts. He also had multiple businesses, mainly in the field of e-commerce. Eric handled Amazon dropshipping and also dabbled into founding a marketing agency. He also became a private luxury watch dealer. He worked at a commodity brokerage, and after 12 years there he lost everything. He then started at the local mall at that time and worked his way back up after that.

Despite everything, Eric remained determined to make it as an entrepreneur. He started building a business in the boating industry, clinging to his dreams. Always one to see gaps in various markets, Eric quickly found his niche in the boating industry and decided that it was worth a shot. He took action and reclaimed the reins of his life and established 30A Boat Valet, the premier luxury pontoon charter with a completely different charter model than its competitors in the industry. The company quickly gained traction and is now one of the most trusted in the field.

“First of all, I studied the charter industry worldwide and the market here for 20 years. I saw a gap in the market and decided I wanted to fill that void. I know it would be tough because people haven’t seen this charter model before; that’s because I created it,” shared Eric. “However, I knew it would do well because the market said it would. Our fleet is made up of luxury pontoons. Our slowest pontoon boat will do 43 mph, and the fastest will do 57 mph. They have plush two-tone seating and are bigger than most. We are known for our loud, unique boats.”

The pontoons by 30A Boat Valet can cater up to 13 people at a time, while most charters can only take up to six people. Captained by some of the most coveted professionals in the industry, the company provides tailored services and collects customers at the closest possible dock to their location. Since its founding, 30A Boat Valet has provided luxury chauffeur services to countless individuals and groups. 

“The product, luxury, service, convenience, value—our willingness to do what others will not. That’s why we don’t have competition, literally. We are dominating the market,” said Eric. 

Asked what inspired him to become an entrepreneur, Eric said he wanted to build something bigger than himself, a legacy that he could pass down from one generation to the next. He also pursued entrepreneurship because he saw it as a way to help other people in his church and community.

In the next five years, Eric envisions 30A Boat Valet to be an authority in the charter and boating industry offering multiple vessel types across the southeast. He wants to expand to various locations across the country and bring in boat owners as official partners.

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