How John Bommarito Changed the Auto and Racing World for the Better

From washing cars at the Bommarito Automotive Group to leading it to become Missouri’s #1 choice for consumers in all of their automotive needs, starting two NASCAR teams and sponsoring a wildly successful INDYCAR series event while helping bring Nascar back to his hometown, John Bommarito is truly a force of nature.

It all began at the age of 12 when John would travel to the family business—the Bommarito Automotive Group—after he finished school for the day. There, his responsibilities were to wash and park the cars.

While far from a glorious job, John learned the value of hard work at a young age, setting him up for future accomplishments.

At 15, he started working in the service and parts department and quickly learned the ins and outs of the backbone of the family business. Despite having a job and being a full-time student at such a young age, he excelled in both.

He soon graduated High School in the top two percent of his class and pursued a college degree using one of the many scholarships he received. He graduated with honors and was even accepted into Stanford University Medical School.

But, John decided to take a year off and return to the family business. There, he quickly rose up through the ranks and gained a reputation for his many successes. 

Even the famed General Motors knew who John was and approached him with a deal. General Motors had taken control of an Oldsmobile-Cadillac store that was only selling about 25 units a month and was quickly approaching bankruptcy.

John saw the potential that the store had and decided to purchase it. He then secured a deal with Mazda—adding it to the lineup. As a result, the store became wildly successful and now sells over 280 units a month.

Under his leadership, the Bommarito Automotive Group greatly expanded, adding more dealerships and brands. As a result, the company soon became Missouri’s #1 choice for consumers in all of their automotive needs.

John, always looking for future opportunities, decided to turn his gaze to the racing world. An agreement was made, and the Bommarito Automotive Group became the title sponsor for an INDYCAR series event, the Bommarito 500.

The event brought the best from the Indianapolis 500 and competitors from all over the globe, such as Japan, France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and more.

For his leadership, John was nominated and appointed to be one of the Directors of the St. Louis Sports Commission. 

This was merely the beginning of John’s involvement in the racing world. He soon partnered up with race car driver Jordan Anderson and started two NASCAR teams—the #3 NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series team and the #31 Bommarito Chevrolet Xfinity team.

Speaking for the company, John commented on his partnership with Jordan saying: “To be a part of the growth and journey that Jordan Anderson and his team has been on is very special. His team exemplifies everything our family of employees prides itself in a strong and continuous work ethic, honesty, integrity, a desire for excellence, and a never give up attitude.”

The INDYCAR series event became the third largest race in the series, mainly due to John’s “Audience Enhancement Program,” which drove up the hype around racing and brought a flood of excited attendees.

All in all, there was no obstacle that John Bommarito could not overcome. His drive and ability to see what could be totally revolutionized the Bommarito Automotive Group and brought it to unforeseen levels of success. At the same time, John kickstarted the racing world to new heights in his own hometown and continues to do so to this day. Just recently, Nascar added the coveted Cup series race to WWT raceway, something no one ever dreamed would happen.


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