April 21, 2024
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How Manisha Pratapsinh empowers Mozambique, one bus ride at a time

How Manisha Pratapsinh empowers Mozambique, one bus ride at a time
Photo Courtesy: Adasat Barroso

By: Silvia Garcia

In Mozambique, Manisha Pratapsinh is paving the road for change and empowerment in the East African country’s transportation industry and setting a shining example for women across the globe by establishing her position in male-dominated enterprises, breaking stereotypes to show anything is possible.

Overcoming adversity with equality

As a true advocate for diversity and inclusivity, Manisha Pratapsinh aspires to spread the message that origin, ethnicity, or physical appearance should never be barriers to achieving goals. She believes that individuals can triumph regardless of their background, and her example sends a powerful message of empowerment and equality.

“I demonstrate in practice that, regardless of gender, age, and social status, anything is possible with focus and determination. This is my life philosophy; I carry this principle into my daily life, and it helps me overcome adversity,” she said. 

From the civil construction machinery sector, Manisha established a bus company to provide private transportation services to Mozambicans, especially those in rural areas. But because of years of male leadership in the two industries, Manisha has to establish herself as a pivotal player capable of driving change and running a sustainable transportation company. 

“The major difficulty I had and still face is always having to prove that we are capable of making significant decisions, considering that women are considered the weaker sex,” she shared. Yet, despite the deeply rooted prejudices among women, Manisha firmly believes that women can achieve greatness and must never stop fighting for their place in society. 

Gearing up for the opportunity 

Manisha entered the transportation sector prepared to take on the challenge. The idea stemmed from a phone call with her partners about the lack of the particular service in Mozambique. Fortunately, she had no trouble transitioning from civil construction machinery to transportation.

“It wasn’t so difficult as I myself faced difficulties transporting construction materials to different places,” she said. 

Her bus company was a way to meet the needs of people in rural areas regarding their jobs. Manisha knew she had to prepare to ensure its sustainability and efficiency in bringing the services she promised to her community. 

One of her strategies is arming herself with knowledge about the market, specifically learning the company’s possible demographics or target customers and the areas requiring more attention from her company. 

In the meantime, as a leader, Manisha maintains an open line of communication for criticism. Aside from listening to what her fellow Mozambicans need, she also listens to people she met during her time abroad. It allows her to broaden her perspectives about the business to continue to grow and improve it to benefit its target market. 

Setting a good example

Manisha strives to be a good role model in all she does. She lets humility, commitment, honesty, and leadership guide her daily tasks to be the best version of herself and serve her purpose in her community. As she continues to navigate the roads of entrepreneurship, the Mozambican native proves that tenacity and a willingness to help the community can go a long way. 

Despite facing skepticism and prejudice, Manisha stands firm in her belief that gender should never dictate one’s capabilities or opportunities. She not only runs a successful bus company but also sets a precedent for women worldwide, showing that with focus and perseverance, anything is achievable.

Manisha approaches her role as a leader with meticulous planning and a commitment to continuous improvement. Armed with insights gained from her experiences in civil construction machinery and a deep understanding of the transportation sector, she strategically positions her company to meet the needs of rural Mozambicans.

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Published By: Aize Perez

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