April 21, 2024
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How The Festival Babes Went From a Facebook Page to the Premier Influencer Management Group for the EDM Industry

How The Festival Babes Went From a Facebook Page to the Premier Influencer Management Group for the EDM Industry
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Welcome to the electrifying world of EDM influencers and the thriving community that has emerged as the driving force behind their success. Imagine a place where the beats are infectious, the friendships are electric, and the possibilities are limitless.

Enter The Festival Babes, rising stars in the EDM experiential marketing scene, known for creating activations that will leave both influencers and their brand partners buzzing with excitement.

The rise of the Festival Babes

The Festival Babes is a community that started as a Facebook group in 2019 and has since exploded into one of the fastest-growing female-based groups in the United States. With an active membership exceeding 5,000 and an internal newsletter that reaches over 20,000 and growing every day, The Festival Babes have become a force to be reckoned with.

Led by the visionary CEO Kat Yung and an inspiring team of women, The Festival Babes is on a mission to create a safe space where like-minded individuals can forge lifelong friendships and connections. Their dedication to empowering women is at the heart of everything they do. In fact, The Festival Babes has partnered with non-profit organizations, working tirelessly to uplift women and promote safety, including collaborations with harm reduction organizations.

But what sets The Festival Babes apart is their unwavering commitment to the core values of “PLUR:” Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. As a proud female-operated company, The Festival Babes embraces individuals from all backgrounds and gender identities, creating an environment that truly represents the diversity and inclusivity that the rave and EDM festival community embodies. They aren’t just here to make waves — they’re here to make a lasting impact.

From their humble beginnings as a Facebook group, The Festival Babes has blossomed into a powerhouse in the EDM industry. Major music festivals across the United States — including the likes of Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Moonrise, Imagine Music Festival, Hard Summer, EDC, Okeechobee, and many more — have recognized the value that The Festival Babes brings to the table. Their expertise in community engagement, influencer programs, influencer marketing solutions, experiential marketing, sponsorship activations, and media coverage has made them the go-to partner for festivals, events, artists, and other EDM-related companies.

But it’s not just about the business side of things for The Festival Babes — they don’t just hand out event tickets and call it a day — it’s about creating experiences that bring people together. The Festival Babes curate a complete journey, ensuring that every moment is filled with excitement, connection, and unforgettable memories. From organizing accommodations and transportation to providing a full lineup of activities, such as styling by top festival fashion designers, interactive workshops, seminars, and so much more, they go above and beyond to make each experience a magical one.

The Festival Babes x Bonnaroo

Nestled in the heart of the Bonnaroo was the official Festival Babes’ second annual Festival Fashion Show. As the beats dropped and the crowd roared, The Festival Babes brought their signature touch of magic to Manchester, TN from June 15-18, 2023, making it an experience like no other.

In collaboration with Mamie Ruth — an independent bohemian fashion brand known for its eco-friendly sustainable materials and handmade designs — The Festival Babes served up a breathtaking runway featuring Ruth’s unique designs and finds. Before the fashion show, the stylish ladies of The Festival Babes were treated to an exclusive experience called “Get Ready with the Babes” where they got to have VIP styling sessions with personal stylists from Mamie Ruth, led by founder Emily Bargeron. The Mamie Ruth team outfitted the Babes in trendy looks perfect for the festival runway, and with glam squads like these, you know the Babes strutted the catwalk looking fierce and fabulous! The collab between The Festival Babes and Mamie Ruth was a match made in festival fashion heaven.

The Festival Babes continue to provide a platform for unique fashions that reflect the free spirits of the festival scene. As their fashion shows grow, the Babes are trailblazing a path in festival style and self-expression, all while demonstrating tremendous growth and creativity. 

If you missed The Festival Babes at this year’s Bonnaroo, don’t worry! You can still catch up with them when they bring “The Festival Babes Van Tour” to Shambhala.

The Festival Babes’ commitment to empowerment and inclusion

At the core of The Festival Babes’ mission lies a powerful commitment to empowerment and inclusion. They believe that music has the transformative power to bring people together, and they are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space within the EDM community. With their unwavering support for female empowerment and their embrace of individuals from all backgrounds and gender identities, The Festival Babes are leading the way towards a more diverse and inclusive festival culture.

Through their partnerships with non-profit organizations, The Festival Babes actively work to uplift women and promote safety within the festival scene. They understand the importance of creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and free to express themselves authentically.

The Festival Babes are paving the way for a future where festivals are truly inclusive, diverse, and safe spaces for all. Their dedication to empowerment and inclusion sets an example for the entire industry, inspiring positive change and creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond their own events. 

The Festival Babes are a beacon of light in the EDM world, spreading the message that everyone belongs and deserves to be celebrated, and they invite you to join them on this transformative journey. Let’s dance, uplift, and empower each other because — as they say, themselves — “We all belong here!”

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