Introducing Jonathan Anthony Burkett, a Visionary of Upstormed Inc.

Introducing Jonathan Anthony Burkett, a Visionary of Upstormed Inc.
Photo Credited to: Upstormed Inc.

In a day and age where innovation reigns supreme, we find ourselves in the company of many inspiring leaders making waves in various sectors; among them shines Miami’s Jonathan Anthony Burkett, the founder of the exciting conglomerate Upstormed Inc. Under the Upstormed umbrella, he manages an investment portfolio that spans multiple industries, including commercial and residential real estate, publishing, music records, fashion, and even his own personal brand. 

Upstormed Inc., a corporate magnate on the rise, has a story that begins on an inspiring note- its very name rings a note of triumph, hinting at how Jonathan overcame life’s battles. Facing storms of trials and pitfalls in his youth, Jonathan envisaged himself morphing into an entrepreneur, striving to be of service not just to his homeland, but to the world. Deeply impacted by the storms of his life, he believes that they strengthened him, enabling his rise like an ‘Upstormed’ entity in today’s business ecosystem. 

Under Upstormed Inc., there lie multiple ventures such as Upstormed Records, Upstormed Publishing, and Upstormed Apparel, each with a unique backstory. Delving into the creative process and branding development of Upstormed, Jonathan underscores the importance of having meaning in all aspects of business. He firmly believes in investing in timeless entities, such as art and providing growth opportunities for people through real estate. Stocks also form an integral part of his investments, as he supports great ideas backed by excellent teams through Upstormed. 

Jonathan’s engagement in the entertainment industry, particularly through Upstormed Records, sprung out of his love for writing, music, and performances. He views these art forms as avenues to bring people together and evoke peace while also creating endless opportunities.

Jonathan revealed his plans to transform Upstormed into a publicly traded company. This move is propelled by his desire to foster newer partnerships and investments. However, he also elucidates that changes are the nature of business, and future actions would be dictated by the needs of the time.

A glimpse into Jonathan’s musical journey reveals a poignant single, “One Life,” a genre fusion bearing a positive outlook toward life. The track, inspired by his songs “`Changes” and “Don’t Give Up,” offers an insight into Jonathan’s life experiences and philosophy. The wish list for “One Life (Remix)” features none other than the inspiring music figure, Drake, whom Jonathan commends for his trend-setting influence and business flair.

Not one to limit his talents, Jonathan has also earned his stripes as a prolific writer. This journey, which began in first grade, has seen him pen narratives that provide solace. His books – the memoir “Neglected but Undefeated,” “Friends 2 Lovers Book Series”, and “Fighting to Become Champions” – each tell a distinct tale that strikes a chord with its readers.

Jonathan’s philanthropic spirit comes to the fore when discussing his initiatives for the community. Inspired by his grandparents’ words of wisdom, he is determined to provide opportunities and chances, especially for children.

In conclusion, Jonathan Anthony Burkett is not simply a businessman but a visionary, a creator, a lover of music, and a writer with a keen eye for opportunities. The underlying thread that weaves his ventures together is his intrinsic belief in never giving up – a lesson learned from his grandparents. As he concludes, he leaves us with a captivating quote – “Faith is why I’m Here, and faith is why I made it through.” Indeed, Jonathan Anthony Burkett’s story is a testament to the strength of faith, determination, and a spirited resolve to rise above the storms.



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