Joan Rodriguez Announces Konvex is Expanding into the US Market to Continue Transforming Global Finance with Innovation and Integration

Joan Rodriguez
Photo Courtesy: Joan Rodriguez (CEO & Co-Founder of Konvex)

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, one entrepreneur is making waves in the industry with a vision to change accounting processes worldwide. Joan Rodriguez, the CEO & Co-Founder of Konvex (formerly Wihom) is an Underwriting and Reconciliation API for E-commerce and Fintech. Joan’s journey from supporting innovative ideas at Enel, one of the largest energy multinationals, to founding and leading Konvex reflects his unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Expanding Horizons: A Strategic Move into the U.S. Market

Joan Rodriguez is thrilled to announce Konvex’s strategic move to open the U.S. market. This expansion aligns with Konvex’s commitment to providing transformative financial solutions globally. With a focus on reconciliation and AI API Accounting integrations, Joan aims to address common industry challenges and showcase Konvex’s success in overcoming them. This move marks a new chapter in Konvex’s journey as it continues to shape the future of Open Finance worldwide.

Joan Rodriguez: A Trailblazer in Corporate Venturing and Innovation

With over six years of experience in corporate venturing, Joan has successfully closed deals exceeding $2 million between corporations and startups. His journey from university, where he actively supported innovation fairs, to becoming an associate practitioner at Enel equipped him with the skills needed to bridge the gap between corporations and startups.

Joan’s role in Enel’s “Make it Happen” program, aimed at securing internal capital for innovative ideas, positioned Colombia as an innovative country within the entire group. His involvement in ambitious global projects, including an AI-powered robot project, showcased his ability to drive impactful initiatives.

Joan’s exceptional skills and contributions in the field of entrepreneurship have even earned him memberships in several prestigious organizations such as: 

  • Mentor Member at Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust.
  • Member of 500 Global, reflecting his international business expertise.
  • Generation X Member and Mentor at Parallel18, guiding new entrepreneurs.

The Birth of Konvex: A Solution to Industry Challenges

Joan’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to identify challenges in the E-commerce and fintech industries, particularly with reconciliation issues. Collaborating with Cristobal Sosa, now the CTO at Konvex, they founded Wihom to simplify the reconciliation process. Despite facing challenges, including the need for significant resources, Joan’s strategic move to pitch at Parallel18 secured $150,000 and marked the beginning of Wihom’s success.

After a successful stint in Puerto Rico, Konvex raised a pre-seed round of $700,000 from notable investors and accelerators such as Avalancha Ventures, 500 Startups, and former JP Morgan executives. This financial backing reinforced Konvex’s vision to automate the accounting of future businesses through AI.

Innovative Solutions and Global Impact

Konvex has achieved notable success stories, including seamless integration for a global e-commerce giant, efficient ERP integration for multinational corporations, and enabling startups to achieve rapid growth. Their AI-driven reconciliation for a fintech leader and the development of the world’s first AI-driven underwriting product showcase Konvex’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Targeting Excellence: Konvex’s Audience

Konvex’s audience includes medium and large e-commerce businesses, fintech companies, traditional banks, global corporations with ERP systems and Commerce Applications, startups in rapid growth phases, and financial executives. With scalable solutions, efficient Unified API integrations, AI Underwriting, and an endorsement from top VC investors and accelerators, Konvex is positioned to meet the diverse needs of the financial and tech industries.

Joan Rodriguez’s journey from a passionate university student to a leader in global finance encapsulates the spirit of innovation and determination. As Konvex sets its sights on the U.S. market, the financial world eagerly anticipates the transformative impact that Joan and his team are poised to make on accounting processes worldwide.

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Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead as Konvex continues to shape the future of financial management.

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