Jordan Tarzan, Artist and Musician, is Making Waves Through His Talent

In an industry filled with people wanting to be the next big hit, it takes something special to create a space that respects the message beneath the art. Over the years, countless talented musicians have risen and become icons, releasing tracks that talk about heartache, life, and joy. Though this is what you come to normally expect from music and its power to bring out emotions in people, artists like Jordan Tarzan are starting to leave his own imprint within and outside the scene. Right from his beginning as an artist, Jordan Tarzan was committed to making a difference through his music. While to some, success doesn’t come overnight, it was Jordan Tarzan’s unending efforts towards his craft that took him to where he is today. 

The Florida-based hip-hop artist is going all-out in carving his own spot in the highly competitive world of music. Deeply in touch with his own message and talent, he spreads his message of inspiration and struggles through his releases. He accompanies his lyrics with a profound sense of acknowledgement of the human state. 

For more than a decade, Jordan Tarzan has written and produced his own tracks. He’s garnered a loyal following throughout the globe through his driven music and releases like the hit singles “Fitnezz,” “Level Up,” and “Guess Who.” His first album, Anthemz, made bank through the rapid purchase of its private digital copies, having over 100+ sales within 20 days of its release.

Apart from climbing his way up as an independent musician, Jordan Tarzan is also building a solid portfolio as a Livestream broadcaster. Part of the roster of top streamers in the TheMeetGroup live-streaming community, he continues to prove that he has more aces up his sleeves. 

In recent years, most especially, Jordan Tarzan has reached heights he could only imagine before. But, in the face of the long list of accomplishments under his belt, he still considers his impact on others as his most significant milestone so far.

“My greatest accomplishment is inspiring others to get to higher places,” said Jordan Tarzan, expounding on the premium he places on encouraging, promoting, and cultivating kindness and love. 

Aiming for the stars, Jordan Tarzan does not plan to slow down anytime soon. The musician just released two EPs, the first, titled Tarzan which features the single “Fitnezz” and his second EP, Pieces, introduces the song “Still Don’t” to listeners and avid supporters.

In the months to come, Jordan Tarzan is expected to enjoy a brighter spot in the limelight as he plans to grace stages around Miami. Not only will he be appearing at the “Love Day” give back event on January 27th, he will also be hosting and performing on January 28th for his “New Year, New Energy” celebration.

To know more of what he has in store for the future, check out Jordan Tarzan on Instagram.


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