Joshua Meldrum: Overcoming Adversity Through Faith in God

Joshua Meldrum: Overcoming Adversity Through Faith in God
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Joshua Meldrum believes that, no matter how straightforward a person’s life might appear, you never truly know what’s going on behind the scenes. A third-generation restaurateur and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, Joshua’s first job was working in his father’s nightclub. He’s learned a lot from his uncle Tom, who’s been in the industry for over 50 years. Joshua Meldrum‘s dream is to open his own bar and nightclub, and he wants to inspire others on the way. Behind his success, however, is the story of a struggling man who needed a miracle to make it through.

Suffering in Secret

Joshua Meldrum has faced multiple setbacks in his life, holding his ambitions and dreams up above the incredible weight of troubled mental health. Although one might only see his hard work and a very convincing front, Joshua struggles with loneliness, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. In the Summer of 2023, he lost his best friend to suicide, and he almost lost himself to suicide as well.

“I’m glad God saved me that night,” Josh says. “I miss my friend, Bob, dearly every single day. He was always there for me and others. I just wish I could’ve been there for him when he needed me.”

Today, Josh’s goals aren’t just owning a nightclub and succeeding as an entrepreneur. He’s a mental health advocate, and he dreams of inspiring others to find happiness.

With Determination and Faith

“God doesn’t promise we won’t face difficulties,” Josh says, “But we do all have the strength to get through difficulties.” He’s set a new goal to create awareness of mental health adversity, an often invisible affliction that too many people keep secret. To him, the key to finding happiness is faith in God and always keeping in mind that, “Everything happens for a reason, no matter if we see it at the moment or not. God works all things together for our good.”

He also tries to keep himself grounded and give himself space for meditation. Josh spends time with his German Shepherd, explores art through photography, and expresses himself through his tattoos. He believes that by facing his difficulties he can grow past them. He’s looking forward to a future in which he can own his restaurant, inspire people through his photography, and maybe take up dog training, too.

Joshua Meldrum: Overcoming Adversity Through Faith in God
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The Far Side of Adversity

There’s no linear path through adversity, and there’s no surefire cure for mental health problems. Josh lives in a society that often ignores some of the most lethal afflictions a person can suffer, and can even silence people asking for help. That’s begun to change, and it’s people like Josh who are changing it. 

Today, Josh talks sincerely about what he went through, and what it took to survive. He gives credit to his faith in God, and to his family and friends who inspire and help him. Josh is spreading awareness, not just of horrible mental health issues, but of the dangers they pose, and the need to discuss them openly. Josh might one day open his nightclub and bar, but today he’s already opening space to talk about mental health and making an important difference in the world.


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