Julie King: A Symphony of Resilience and Innovation

Julie King: A Symphony of Resilience and Innovation
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In the vibrant tapestry of contemporary music, few artists embody the spirit of innovation and resilience quite like Julie King. After nearly a decade-long hiatus from the mainstream music industry, King is making a sensational return to the music scene with brand new remixes of her chart-topping song “Don’t Take Your Love Away,” timed perfectly for Valentine’s Day. This release not only marks her re-emergence into the industry but also showcases her unparalleled ability to blend genres and collaborate with other artists to create something truly unique.

“Don’t Take Your Love Away” was initially penned by Julie King alongside Nick Furlong and Spencer Nezey (SPNCR) back in 2012, during a recording session at the House of Blues that was as cathartic as it was creative. King was navigating through personal heartbreak, yet found solace and expression through her music. The song emerged as a celebration of women’s sexuality, serving as a powerful climax to an album that traversed various emotional landscapes.

This upcoming release features an eclectic mix of remixes, including Excel Beats and Erik Mota’s Club Remix, SPNCR’s Reggaeton Remix, Planet Rock’s Two Step Remix, GRiDWORK and jOBOT’s Dubstep Remix, and Carmen Rizzo’s Down Tempo Remix. Each collaboration reflects King’s philosophy that giving artists the freedom to express themselves leads to authenticity in music—a belief she passionately shared while working on these remixes.

One anecdote from the studio encapsulates this ethos perfectly. While collaborating with jOBOT on their Dubstep Remix, King encouraged him to unleash his creativity without restraint. “Give me more monster sounds!” she exclaimed during one session—a request that epitomizes her desire for each artist’s talent to shine brightly in their joint endeavors.

Julie’s return to mainstream music is not merely about releasing new tracks; it symbolizes her journey through life’s adversities and her growth both personally and spiritually. Her story serves as an inspiration—a testament that true strength lies in embracing oneself fully. This transformation from the artist once known as Yulianna back to Julie King signifies a bridge connecting her musical past with her future aspirations.

King has always been at the forefront of musical innovation. From inventing “Popra,” a fusion of Opera & Popular Genres, to winning numerous awards globally, including being selected for several Grammy nominations and Film Festival Awards—her career is nothing short of remarkable. Born in Kazakhstan before moving to Santa Maria, CA, she pursued her passion for music at CalArts where she honed her skills across several disciplines including Opera Vocal Performance, Jazz Systematic Improvisation and Music Composition. 

Her debut album “La La Land” set the stage for what would become an illustrious career filled with groundbreaking albums like “Popra Soldier” and collaborations with renowned artists such as The Game on “Californ-i-a.” It was on this album that “Don’t Take Your Love Away” first captured audiences worldwide.

Looking ahead, Julie has already recorded several new albums in the Miami Recording Studio with Trip and Vishnu Ramankuti, set for release starting this Spring—each promising to reintegrate her voice into the collective soundtrack of our lives. Her commitment to collaboration remains unwavering; she believes strongly in allowing artists’ authentic selves to emerge through their work—a principle that not only enhances creativity but fosters originality in an industry often criticized for its homogeneity.

As Julie herself puts it: “I always love collaborating with people because it allows them to be their authentic self… True art is an expression of the higher power.” This philosophy has guided her throughout her career, leading to magical moments both in the studio and beyond.

With these remixes—and indeed throughout all her projects—Julie King continues to shine brightly as both an artist and an inspiration. As fans eagerly anticipate this latest release, they can stay connected with Julie through updates on her website (https://juliekingmusic.com/), where they’ll find not just music but a community united by love for genuine artistic expression.

In essence, Julie King’s resurgence is more than just a musical comeback; it’s a celebration of life’s endless possibilities when we dare to dream big and remain true to ourselves. Through each note sung or played, Julie invites us all on a journey—one marked by perseverance, collaboration, and above all else, boundless creativity.

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