Discovering Authenticity: Marquita Moore’s Empowering Journey

Marquita Moore's Empowering Journey to Authenticity_2
Photo Courtesy: Marquita Moore

By: Michael L. Miller

In a world where success often equates to status and acclaim, Marquita Moore presents a compelling narrative—a story of personal growth and self-realization.

In her latest book, “Feeling God: Search + Connect + Be,” Moore intertwines memoir and guidebook, documenting her courageous departure from conventional success to carve a path aligned with her inner truth.

By the age of 30, Moore had established herself as a host and moderator for esteemed networks like BET and Oxygen. She navigated the influential corridors of the entertainment industry, leaving her mark on global hip-hop trends through roles at Shawn Carter Enterprises and Roc Nation. However, beneath the facade of achievement, Moore grappled with a persistent inner discord—a yearning for authenticity.

Reflecting on her journey, Moore shares, “It felt like I was living someone else’s script. Externally, everything appeared flawless, but internally, I felt adrift, disconnected from my essence. I sensed a void.”

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Photo Courtesy: Marquita Moore

Moore chose to confront the uncomfortable truth lurking beneath the surface, embarking on a journey of introspection that allowed her to shed societal expectations and embrace opportunities to learn about herself.

“I had no roadmap for what lay ahead when I decided to step away,” Moore reflects. “But I knew continuing on the same path wasn’t an option. Taking that initial leap felt daunting, but it ignited a new chapter for me. Ultimately, I reached a place where I could boldly embrace my true self; I was free to be me.”

“Feeling God” emerges as the manifestation of Moore’s transformation—a guide for readers navigating their own quests for authenticity and fulfillment. Through poignant anecdotes and practical exercises, Moore empowers readers to unearth their genuine desires and align their actions with their core values.

“I wish I had this book as early as 6,” Moore reflects, reminiscing on her youth. “If I had had this book then, it would have been a guidebook for me to understand: you’re okay. You’re not different. I’m exactly who I was created to be.”

“In this book, I challenge readers to confront the tough questions,” Moore shares. “Who are you? What do you truly want? How do you present yourself to the world?”

Moore asserts, “It’s in embracing our vulnerabilities that we uncover our true resilience. We must allow ourselves to unravel, embracing our imperfections, for therein lies the seed of growth.”

Moore’s evolution epitomizes the bravery required to prioritize vulnerability and authenticity. From her bold departure from Corporate America to her dedication to self-reflection and self-care, Moore exemplifies the courage necessary to forge a life in harmony with one’s deepest convictions.

Marquita Moore's Empowering Journey to Authenticity
Photo Courtesy: Marquita Moore / @magnoliapearlclothing

Beyond her literary contributions, Moore has fostered a vibrant online community through her platform, “How I Grew Today.” Rooted in principles of self-love, healing, and spiritual growth, this platform serves as a haven for individuals seeking personal transformation. Offering diverse content, from heartfelt reflections to practical advice on topics spanning from cuisine to fashion, Moore empowers her audience to embark on their unique journeys of self-discovery.

Moore explains. ” It’s really a place where I can check in daily and stop all the distractions happening in my life. It’s a place where individuals can come together to share their experiences, support one another and celebrate the beauty of self-discovery.”

Residing in the bustling New York City area with her son River, Moore finds inspiration amidst the urban landscape.

“Feeling God: Search + Connect + Be” is available at leading retailers, including Amazon, Audible, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, and Target. For further inspiration and insights, connect with Marquita Moore on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, @howigrewtoday.”

Published by: Martin De Juan


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