Online Education Platform Reveals the Pandemic was Scripted

The End of Covid
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In May, White House officials stepped onto the world stage and announced the end of the pandemic—three years, three months, and 11 days after it had started, which was far from the initial promise of two weeks. 

However, before we direct our energy towards criticizing the government, it is important to remember that public health authorities are not to be blamed; they are merely playing their role. 

These individuals are ordinary men and women acting as officeholders and corporate executives. And, as we know, actors are given a script. 

The End of COVID” is an online education platform that thoroughly dissects and dismantles this script. It comprises over 90 interviews, short films, and roundtable discussions, presenting a comprehensive resource that delves deep into every aspect of the pandemic. Dozens of fully credentialed doctors, authors, and independent researchers have collaborated on this content, resulting in nearly two hundred hours of meticulously researched material. If viewed by millions, this resource could bring about a true “end” to the pandemic. 

This compilation of information reveals the true nature of pandemics: they are essentially big shows that have been performed multiple times in the past by previous presidents and press secretaries. We have witnessed these shows repeatedly, albeit under slightly different titles such as the Spanish flu, the polio epidemic, the AIDS crisis, the SARS outbreak, the bird flu panic, and now, the coronavirus. 

The list reads like a series of science fiction sequels, all sharing the same storyline. They disappear from public attention just long enough for us to forget, only to return with a new cast and another repetitive season. 

With each successive reboot, the budget grows larger, and the distribution widens. For instance, in 1918, the United States Public Health Service distributed leaflets and the Red Cross placed ads in newspapers to encourage mask-wearing. Today, we have round-the-clock coverage on news stations and social media channels. Nurses choreograph dances on TikTok, and pharmaceutical mascots perform musicals on late-night TV. 

While the production value has improved over time, the plot has remained unchanged. It resembles a monster movie, except the monster is submicroscopic—a super-spreading super-villain that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It can only be detected using a device that does not even identify the presence of viruses. 

 The End of COVID” explores topics like PCR testing protocols and the health implications of masks in great detail. These sessions, along with 88 others, were pre-recorded as video podcasts and organized into learning modules, creating an online class-like experience. These sessions are led by prominent voices such as Kelly Brogan, MD, Larry Palevsky, MD, Lee Merritt, MD, Gerald Pollack, PhD, and many more who contribute their expertise and presentations 

“The End of COVID” serves as a comprehensive library of content that covers every subject related to pandemics. It delves into discussions regarding the legality of lockdowns and mandates while also providing microscopic insights. The platform demonstrates that everything that has occurred over the past few years has been part of the same old script—a stale story that presents a pathogen so powerful it can take over the world. 

According to this narrative, the only way to defeat the monster is by following “the science,” which makes pharmaceutical companies humanity’s sole hope. However, the problem lies in the fact that their antidotes do not seem to be effective. With each subsequent pandemic, the virus becomes deadlier and more resilient, necessitating more drugs and increased government intervention. 

At this juncture, it seems like the show will continue indefinitely until we collectively decide to pull back the curtain, together. 

This is precisely what “The End of COVID” aims to accomplish. It is designed to educate the public on a mass scale, revealing the truth about what transpired and how we can prevent it from happening again. 

In this manner, “The End of COVID” can mark the end of every pandemic—past, present, and future. It has the potential to bring an end to this decades-long fraud once and for all. 

Once we achieve this, we can discard the script, switch off the broadcast, and move forward. 

As they say, finally, the show is over. 

Stream “The End of COVID” for free from July 11th to August 1st. After this free viewing period, lifetime access to all 90 sessions will be available for a tuition fee of $77. For more information and a full list of covered topics in this educational experience, please visit the website.


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