Personal Breakthrough Story: How Neo Ross Helped Achieve Incredible Results

Neo Ross
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Neo Ross specializes in personal transformation for individuals who feel stuck in life, bored at work, stressed by business or relationships, and cannot find their direction in life. Neo Ross offers result-oriented solutions for a powerful personal transformation. One of the few case studies that showcase the potential of personal transformation is the experience of Neringa, a top performer in one of the largest direct sales companies in the world.

Neringa was not able to maximize her results because most of her daily thoughts were wandering about a recent negative experience she had. When Neringa met Neo Ross, she was absorbed by this memory, and it was consuming her energy and distracting her attention from what mattered most to her – her mission to empower millions of women all over the world. Neo Ross describes it as a tough nut, but they cracked it in just four individual sessions.

During these sessions, Neo Ross helped Neringa eliminate the painful memories and restore her attention to what mattered most. As a result, in just six months, Neringa demonstrated her top performance and achieved the goals that mattered most to her. She was invited by her company to speak on stage in front of 30,000 individuals in St. Louis, Missouri, to share her story and how she achieved results in her professional life. 

Neringa credits Neo Ross with completely transforming her mindset and thoughts, taking her on a breathtaking and mind-blowing journey to her mind and soul. The transformation was so powerful that Neringa felt as if she was born again. Neo Ross helped Neringa get rid of her emotionally charged memories and set her free from her own created fantasy world torture by showing the other side, the real truth that our minds usually don’t want to see, showing the benefits of her worst situations.  


The process was not easy, but it was the most magical and inspiring adventure that Neringa wishes everyone could experience in life. Neringa says, “That profound moment of truth, unconditional love, understanding the nature of the universe, how it all works – it is PRICELESS!!! My perception of life, people, situations, myself has changed for good. It’s such a feeling that somebody has removed the filter I’ve always seen the world through and gave me a gift to see the truth.” 

After working with Neo Ross, everything changed for Neringa. She started writing a completely new story of her life, and the remarkable journey to her 90th birthday where she saw the vision of her life took her breath away. Neringa was sobbing like a baby for hours, tears of inspiration. Thanks to Neo Ross, her vision became crystal clear, and it helped her make quick, important decisions, showed her the exact direction where to go, and what to do next. Neo Ross multiplied Neringa’s energy to eternity! The flow of energy was such a real deal that Neringa became truly unstoppable, and it helped her achieve incredible results in business and experience the biggest breakthrough in her life. 

Today, everything is different for Neringa. Her focus, energy, passion, appreciation, and perception are all transformed. She’s in perfect balance now, living by her most important values, doing things that she loves to do, living an interesting and inspiring life every single day. Neringa will be forever grateful to Neo Ross for this unique, magical journey, outstanding experience, for all these methods, breaking any reality, and for her huge transformation. Neringa is now the upgraded version of herself – UNSTOPPABLE ME!

Neo Ross’s brand personality is all about personal transformation for luxury clients who seek personalized experiences and result-oriented solutions. Neo Ross offers a boutique experience that focuses on individual attention and personalized results. The case study of Neringa demonstrates the potential of personal transformation and how limiting beliefs and negative memories can consume energy and distract attention from what matters most. 

Working with Neo Ross individually can help liberate clients from unnecessary thoughts and allow them to concentrate the maximum amount of energy to produce outstanding results. The transformative experience that Neringa had is just one example of how Neo Ross can help individuals achieve their goals and find the direction in life that they seek. 



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