Qube Film Inc. Breathes a Fresh Air into the Marketing World through Content Filming and Concepts

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Image Commercially Licensed

Content is the lifeblood of marketing, and beyond anything else, visual content makes a tremendous difference when it comes to creating content for marketing purposes. Brands have created visual content for years, with many not seeing much success because of various reasons. However, many brands have seen success with video content, and now Qube Film Inc., under the ownership and directorship of Nima Soofi and Daniel Irias, is introducing new ways to deliver video content.

Qube Film Inc.’s core offering is all about creating video content for brands that need to produce marketing materials that tell compelling stories and elicit human connection. The brand is passionate about creating content that people are drawn to by making sure the content is cinematic, authentic and meaningful. Nima and Daniel have established themselves as expert directors with a documentary approach to creating content. Their goal is to change the traditional marketing strategy of visual content and make it more hands-on, personal and compelling.

The fresh perspective to content creation that Qube Film Inc. brings is hinged on learning about the brand and market it’s creating content for. It also aims to reduce the uncompelling videos that audiences and potential clients are subjected to daily on social media by delivering concise and straight-to-the-point content. 

Qube Film Inc. hopes to help brands keep their audience’s attention and thus, increase the conversation rates for the brands.  The company’s focus on a non-scripted, documentary approach helps it stand out and fill the gaping void in the modern world’s marketing needs. The founders, Nima Soofi and Daniel Irias, have many years of curating content and creating powerful authentic content. Their latest work, “The Author,” has further propelled them to the top of the niche as they have earned nods from many industry experts and rave reviews from viewers. “The Author” has also received awards from some of the world’s leading award organizers, including the Best Documentary Feature at the New York Independent Cinema Awards, Feature Documentary at Florence Film Award, Best Documentary Feature at Vegas Movie Awards, Best Documentary Feature at Hong Kong Indie Film Festival, Best Documentary Feature at Docs Without Borders Film Festival, Feature Documentary at The Impact DOCS Awards and Best Documentary at Great Message International Film Festival.

Qube Film Inc. has worked with leading global brands like Hublot, Disney, and In Mode, as well as celebrities like Jessica Alba, Andrea Bocelli and Paula Abdul. The company takes immense pride in connecting brands with its customers. “With this being the strength and focus on Qube Film Inc., we can bring this to the corporate world and create a long-lasting relationship between brands and consumers,” Nima shared.

In a few years, Qube Film Inc.’s goal is to become the top choice company for brands and companies looking to use a documentary and cinematic approach for its visual content. “More companies can benefit from our unique and authentic storytelling techniques, and we’re ready to share that with as many companies as possible,” Nima said.Learn more about Qube Film Inc. on the official website.


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