March 4, 2024
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Radmila Lolly Hosts Thrift to Impress at the Dragonfly Thrift Shop

Radmila Lolly hosted a beautiful and empowering community event on the evening of Tuesday, September 13th, at the Dragonfly Thrift Shop in Miami for the LEAP for Ladies Foundation. The cause means so much to Radmila as the newest board member of the LEAP Foundation. The foundation stands for empowering recently incarcerated women and helping them to transition back into the outside world by giving them love, support, education, and resources. At the event’s opening, there was an inspiring speech given by Mahlia Lindquist, Executive Director of the program. Then, the LEAP program participants all dressed up in purchases from the thrift shop, which they also work at as part of the first phase of their transition to the outside world. During the event, they spoke about how fashion influences their self-image and how fashion can be an empowering way to express themselves and communicate with those around them. Finally, the presentation highlighted a thrift store fashion show featuring four looks from the thrift shop: ladies’ lunch, business casual, girl’s night out, and dinner date.

The looks were selected and styled by Radmila and the LEAP program participants and modeled by Radmila’s friend and choreographer, Dawn Price. Her music highly inspires Radmila’s fashion, and her composition “Breath of Hope” was performed by violist Siobhan Cronin and violinist Francesca Abusamra. Radmila looks forward to co-planning the annual spring gala with the other LEAP board members. 

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