April 16, 2024
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Renowned Florida Accelerator Unveils Hidden Treasure: Leveraging Grants for Growth

Renowned Florida Accelerator Unveils Hidden Treasure: Leveraging Grants for Growth
Photo Credited to: Bimal Shah

Bimal Shah, the Founder of the Rajparth group of companies, has a message: You’re not alone when you need a guide to navigate the system to extract available funds from the government; get an expert. 

Bimal is an expert in grants and the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship growth and success. As an entrepreneur, you understand the significance of innovative ideas, hard work, and determination. But what if there’s a powerful ally in your journey to success – grants?

A grant means you get funds you don’t have to pay back. It’s like receiving a financial boost that can help your business thrive and prosper. The best part? There are a myriad of grants available, each designed to cater to various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Navigating the World of Grants

Entrepreneurs often find themselves in a situation where they’re unaware of the types of grants that exist. It’s time to change that. Let’s explore the opportunities that can transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

  1. Pandemic-Related Grants for Businesses with W-2 Employees:
    Businesses across the spectrum have felt the challenges posed by COVID-19. If you had W-2 employees during 2020 and 2021, You can receive up to $26,000 per W-2 Employee. The best part? It’s not a scam; it’s a real opportunity. Even if you were told otherwise, you may still qualify. Check your pre-qualification here.
  2. Pandemic-Related Grants for 1099 Contractors-Self-Employed Individuals:
    If you didn’t have W-2 employees during the pandemic, there’s a grant tailored to your situation. You can claim up to $32,200 for leave you had to take due to the pandemic. Curious about how much you could get?
  3. State of Florida Training Grants for Existing Employees and New Hires:
    Are you running a business in Florida with 5 or more W-2 Employees? The state offers training grants of up to $4,000 per W-2 Employee to a max of $100,000 per company for existing employees and $700,000 for New Hires if you plan to hire 10 or more employees in a year. Discover your maximum per company grant here
  4. Innovation and Start-up Grants: If you’re part of a specific industry aiming to build manufacturing, distribution, or exports, there are innovation and start-up grants tailored to your needs. Discover if you qualify here
  5. Advertising Credits from Google:
    There is an advertising grant with a potential ad spend of up to $120,000 for your business. With the right structure and setup, your business could enjoy significant visibility and growth. Dive into the details here.

Meet Bimal Shah, Your Grant Results Leader:

Bmal is the guiding force who has made it his mission to help entrepreneurs maximize their growth potential through grants.

No business, large or small, can be faulted for feeling overwhelmed in the era of COVID-19—overwhelmed trying to stay afloat and prosper and overwhelmed trying to understand the government relief programs available to them. For example, while the widely popular and used PPP program, in all its several incarnations, was made available to businesses in most sectors (it expired May 31, 2021), other relief programs have been targeted to specific hard-hit industries. Bimal was also featured in NBC WPTV for the PPP program. 

Bimal is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their three-year goal in one year closest to their 25-year vision. His 13-book series, “Becoming A Pioneer,” solves one of the biggest problems 80 percent of small businesses face today—becoming extinct even after 15 years in the business. Bimal has helped 52 CEOs more than double their business in a year by becoming pioneers, and more than 1000 families take their wealth securely to another level.

Shah explained: “We have a track record of getting the maximum grants for businesses in record time.” He also pointed out that the application process only seems easy if you’re prepared. “We specialize in all kinds of grants,” he says. “City, state, federal, research, training grants, whatever grants exist. I aim to make entrepreneurs achieve their three-year business goal in one year and get grants to pay for it. I work as a management consultant, trainer, and recruiter—all the hats I need to wear. I even go into the kitchen and cook with them. I do whatever it takes to achieve that end goal.”

Shah started his career in the financial sector, and a client revealed to him just how valuable his advice was. The client told Shah that what he did for him in one hour of coaching, consulting, and planning was worth more than 10 meetings over three years. When Shah asked him what his services were worth, the client cut Shah a big check—”I was surprised by the amount of the check”—which turbocharged his future.

Bimal’s organization trains companies to take four unique 90-day leaps through his proprietary three-tiered system of coaching-planning-accountability. With his systems and platforms, businesses can now find it easy to get exponential growth in a year. Bimal is a recognized speaker in many recognized platforms and associations like Goldman Sachs, Vistage, The Millionaires Group, ABWA, CEO Ventures. and many more. He has been featured in NBC WPTV, Prestigious SFBW Magazine, Radio Entrepreneurs, I am CEO, Authority Magazine, The Entrepreneur Way, and more. He says: “I am a big believer in delivering systems that provide a lifetime value on the spot to everyone who comes across me. I want the readers to be educated on the structure and systems that can be used after they read rather than a feel-good article that will be forgotten after it is read. I want my readers to frame this article or reuse this to get Grants for their business to achieve their next level of growth in a year.”

Since then, Shah has worked with businesses in each industry, providing such services as creating organizational charts, recruiting employees, implementing accountability, assisting with online sales, and rescuing businesses by facilitating Small Business Administration grants.

But the main point that drives Shah daily is that trying to solve dysfunction within an organization or attempting to crack the grant code is best executed by an expert who works at it every day and can show a portfolio of success.

Your Path to Grant Success:

As you navigate the world of grants, remember that you’re not alone. With the right guidance and support, you can seize the opportunities and grants that can pave the way for your business’s growth and success.

But the main point that drives Shah daily is that trying to solve dysfunction within an organization or attempting to crack the grant code is best executed by an expert who works at it every day and can show a portfolio of success. 

In the realm of entrepreneurship, possibilities are boundless. Let government grants be your stepping stone to a brighter future. Your business deserves to flourish, and with the power of grants, it can.

Ready to harness the potential of government grants for your business’s growth? Reach out to Bimal at to explore the opportunities available to you. Access his 13-book series- “Becoming A Pioneer”  or get the $100 Amazon Gift Card to get the books. Begin Your journey towards your meaningful transformation today. 

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