Revamp Your Loft with Crystalia Glass LLC: The Ultimate Solution for Modern and Elegant Living Spaces

Crystalia Glass LLC
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When we talk about “Crystalia Glass LLC,” we refer to elegant structures made of clear, frosted, or colored glass, graceful steel partitions and doors with unique handmade patterns, retractable glass roofs, and much more, without which the aesthetics of the loft architectural style, which is symbolic of America, would be impossible.

Crystalia Glass LLC was founded in 2017 in New York by three business partners: Oleksandr Semeniuk, Ihor Kochura, and Kiryl Kamaletdzinau. Each of them has specialized education and years of experience in construction, economics, and marketing, as well as their own role within the company. For example, Oleksandr Semeniuk is responsible for management and finance, Ihor Kochura oversees engineering and production processes, and Kiryl Kamaletdzinau handles marketing.

However, the partners’ responsibilities are not limited to the mentioned areas. They collaborate on every project, combining their best skills and abilities. As a result, each product is unique, making Crystalia Glass LLC a distinctive company.

Currently, Crystalia Glass LLC employs over 60 people who regularly undergo professional training to enhance their skills. Following their ambitious plans, the company’s leaders aim to create more new jobs and further increase profitability by the end of 2023, which has already shown an eight-fold growth.

Specifically, regional branches of Crystalia Glass LLC will be opened in Miami, Florida, and Houston, Texas. Additionally, there are plans to expand the wide dealer network in the United States and Canada and establish their own school to train industry specialists. Furthermore, the company’s leaders are engaged in developing special steel partitions for streets with the aim of making American cities safer for walking and living.

Large companies trust Crystalia Glass LLC

Since 2017, the company has developed and installed its own innovative interior glazing systems in over 3,000 industrial and residential projects in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Each project fully complies with safety and quality standards, and all materials have the necessary certifications.

According to the leaders of Crystalia Glass LLC, each completed project undergoes photo-video inspection. This allows for constant improvement of processes and the company’s products, which are entirely custom-made and play a significant role in its overall development.

Based on the geography of implemented projects, it can confidently be said that Crystalia Glass LLC sets trends in the field of glass and steel structures in the United States. The company’s client list includes corporate giants such as Madison Square Garden, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Bank of America, SpaceX, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Yum Yum Donut Shops Inc., Starbucks, Nakatech, Nike, Vision Solar, The LaSalle Chicago, Autograph Collection, as well as famous individuals in America including politicians, journalists, and celebrities.

All of them speak warmly about Crystalia Glass LLC and willingly recommend it as the best professional customer service provider.

Crystalia Glass LLC respects its clients

The company follows a policy of fair pricing and transparent financial reporting. There is an excellent loyalty program that offers special conditions.

Before starting a project, clients are provided with necessary materials for review, including catalogs, glass samples, and hardware. If a client doesn’t find the product they are looking for, Crystalia Glass LLC will develop it specifically for them.

Each client is assigned a personal manager who ensures direct and immediate contact with all participants in the process, including estimators, technical specialists, manufacturers, project managers, and installers, at any time. 

This once again demonstrates that Crystalia Glass LLC is led by competent leaders who know how to create the best conditions.


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